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    Post [AINUR AUDIO] SAURON MK III [paused] | NARSIL MK I [upd 01.01.2021]

    So that means that neither Sauron and Narsil work on 11 ? xD
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    Thread Android 11 Sound mods

    Hey guys, as the title says, i am looking for some nice sound mods that work properly on a11, i already got Viper, but i remember when i used to have modded devices i had many installed at once like dolby ecc. all working fine together. I searched a bit but some of these threads about sound...
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    Post What really happen to magisk

    Yeah you're right. i had something wrong going on with my root XD i tried again and it all works fine now.
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    Post [6.0-11.0][Magisk]Dolby Digital Plus[upd.20200519]

    Where are the files for android 11 ?
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    Post [AINUR AUDIO] SAURON MK III [paused] | NARSIL MK I [upd 01.01.2021]

    Hi y'all, does anyone know if sauron and narsil work on android 11 ? If not do you know any other cool audio/sound mods for 11 besides Viper ? Thx :D
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    Post What really happen to magisk

    i'm sorry it's a long time since i rooted my phone, but i remember that it was possile to install moduels right from the magisk app, is it changed now or it's just that i'm blind xD ? Thx
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    Post [ROM][BETA][11.0][Scorpio] Pixel Experience [NORMAL][AOSP][r32][10/03/2021]

    Wow thank you man for still giving some life to this crappy, old...beloved device xD
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    Post [ROM][Discontinued][10.0][Scorpio] Pixel Experience [NORMAL/PLUS][AOSP][r41][23/12/2020]

    Hi guys, how is the rom during now with battery drain... was tempted to try it on my phone, i'm getting quite bored of bootleggers. xD Thanks
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    Dude the developer has stopped updating all the builds he did for scorpio for a long time now... The Mi Note 2 is even EOL (end of life) from new miui updates, so from a devolper aspect i think it's useless to keep working on it. Maybe he has a new device or just doesnt want to wok on the Mi...
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    Post [MODULE] MagiskHide Props Config - SafetyNet, prop edits, and more - v5.4.0

    Thanks for making this module, and making it so simple to use :D
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    Post {NoRoot} {KK-PiE} Sony Music+Dolby+ViPER4android {All-iN-OnE}

    Wasn't it took down because it contained a malware ?
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    Post [ROM][Discontinued][10.0][Scorpio] Pixel Experience [NORMAL/PLUS][AOSP][r41][23/12/2020]

    You'll better go back on MIUI if you want those specific features xD PE is based on AOSP which means you'll get the most stripped down and basic android experience so far, mixed up with some Pixel flavor. Anyway if you want more power on to your speaker and headphones you can download Viper FX...