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Recent content by giannakospower

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    Post [ALPHA][ROM][4.3] CyanogenMod 10.2 for Samsung Galaxy SL - Alpha 4

    Cant install viber and external sd card not read!!! I installed the latest update but!!! i have problem with Viber icant install it. Google play gives me error low free space. I have 1gb on sd card and 8 gb on external sd card. So external sd card cant readed by explorer. When pc connected...
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    Post [q][help] sl gt-i9003 restarts

    i tryed but nothing i cant also load from camera! its the same problem.
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    Post [q][help] sl gt-i9003 restarts

    I have problem with instagram!!! I cant load the photos from Library..... I dont know why. I reinstalled again but nothing!!!
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    Post [q][help] sl gt-i9003 restarts

    and ei how to solve the battery miscalibrate. :/
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    Post [q][help] sl gt-i9003 restarts

    Do you have any problem with restarts of phone or power off ? after 9.0.1 etc. Today for example my baterry was at 14% and my phone powerd off alone.
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    Post [q][help] sl gt-i9003 restarts

    i saw your post in this rom you have it too... you downloaded the 9.0.1 zip and did clean istalation wipe and factory reset everithing????
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    Thread [q][help] sl gt-i9003 restarts

    Hello boys and girls I flashd my ROM a week ago and few days ago i updated to 9.0.1 without wipe or factory reset i just chosed the option install zip. The ROM i flashed is this and update is 9.0.1. My Galaxy always restart or power off alone on 12 or 5 howrs and i dont know how to solve this...