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    Post [ROM][OMS-rootless][Candy7][T6_ALL_VARIANTS][N]

    I am without internet currently and have been for a while but once I get that restored I will be working on an update. I never had much luck with candy 8 on this device so maybe 9 will be better.
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    Post [ROM][OMS-rootless][Candy7][T6_ALL_VARIANTS][N]

    Universal Build Well hopefully great news! Universal Candy T6 with security updates. This is an untested unified t6 candy c7.1.2 build hot out the oven! Flash at your own risk!! Here is the ROM Just make sure your md5sum matches. I do not have time to flash this or I obviously would.
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    Post [ROM][OMS-rootless][Candy7][T6_ALL_VARIANTS][N]

    We just updated the security patches for c7 so I may get a few updated builds out. I might just try to build them unified so I don't have to compile a build for each variant.
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    Post [ROM][OMS-rootless][Candy7][T6_ALL_VARIANTS][N]

    We are still trying to get the device booted up. Not much luck lately so I kind of put my HTC devices on the back burner for a minute to allow me to compile other devices which I own.
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    Post [Official] Bootloader Unlock Codes

    Wow! If only they left the link up. I do appreciate all of your support, going above & beyond what you initially intended to do I'm certain of that. Thank you for my code as well.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICIAL]LiquidSmooth v4.0 | Galaxy-Note (quincyatt)

    Recovery is not causing your SystemUI to crash! Something else in the build is causing it and as I said before you need to ask around if anyone has a more stable version left. Otherwise you're barking up the wrong tree looking for a different recovery.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICIAL]LiquidSmooth v4.0 | Galaxy-Note (quincyatt)

    DO NOT wipe internal storage! That's where your rom is located that you will be flashing. Do wipe the data, system ,cache, & dalvik. Then just flash the rom without gapps. See how that goes for ya. Unfortunately most of my roms were deleted from the internet by one of our team members. It was...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICIAL]LiquidSmooth v4.0 | Galaxy-Note (quincyatt)

    I don't think recovery is causing your issue. Make sure you're wiping the device properly. I sent you a link in your messages for my version of twrp.
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    Post Sprint GS6 Stuck on initial Boot Screen (No recovery mode)

    Te post below is correct. Put your device in download mode and let go of ALL the buttons. Place your fingers over the Home, Vol Up, & Power buttons. Tap Power down to exit download mode and SOON as the screen starts to turn off, press & hold those 3 buttons until it goes into recovery. You'll...
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    Post Sim Unlock - Honestly FREE

    This is the real deal here folks! stifilz unlocked my note 5 for me, it was fast & painless. Take you time & read his thread over & over so you don't miss any steps like I did. Lol He was super cool about it tho and with me being a developer, I felt kind of dumb for not being 100% ready. But I...
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    Post Just wanted to confirm the current state of Sprint Hotspot options, as of 1/1/18

    TDhite has a flashable zip for N based roms. I believe it is version 6 that will work for her device.
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    Post Putting Verizon SM-G920V firmware on an unlocked Sprint Galaxy S6 (with SM-G920P)

    If your device has been UICC unlocked then all the radios should work. The Sprint S6 is a "Global" device. I am running mine with a GSM sim card without issue. Flashing anything to a sprint device that isn't made for sprint usually will brick your device if it flashes.If you do some research you...
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    Post [ROM][OMS-rootless][Candy7][T6_ALL_VARIANTS][N]

    Does anyone have 3.03.651.5 firmware running on their sprint htc one max? 3.03.651.3 is the latest RUU out and it had an OTA that updated the no sim card error & a few other things. I need to fix my no sim error so if anyone can extract their firmware and upload it, I will add it to my firmware...
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    Post [ROM][OMS-rootless][Candy7][T6_ALL_VARIANTS][N]

    I am not sure, maybe it has never been added to the t6 aspect of the kernel. Does it work in any other roms?
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    Thread All Candy m7 variants listed_INFO ONLY!

    I am not able to run multiple threads so I keep all my m7 builds in one place. To those looking for something new, you can find my builds in the sprint section here. M7 all variants. I will not respond to questions unless they are in the link above. Thank you and please enjoy.