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  • GIMpSTa's the man...thanks for creating that for me and quickly too...guys and gals...donate for this guy! He'll give you a kick ass product!! OYE OYE OYE
    Hey there...I went ahead and did a donation...how do I show it to you...do you see it? I have an address I copied to my browser. Can't wait to see it :)

    My name is Jonathan and I was the one that asked about the possibility of getting a keyboard for my Droid that I could have using an Oilers logo. I have enclosed the links to two emblems that I would like to have. I think the helmet would look better than the oil derrick but I'll leave the final call up to you! Or who knows...maybe you'll go crazy and want to do both since the Oilers were a click ass football team :-) I know the oilers colors were Columbia Blue and Red....If you could use the light blue as the theme that'd be amazing. If you are willing to do this where and how much would you want for it? What do I donate? This will be my first time doing this :-)


    Houston Oiler Helmet (Top Choice I think...it would probably fit better on the space bar)


    The Oil Derrick (2nd Choice I think...)

    Hey gIMpSTa could you possibly send me and update zip for a cyanogen themed low res keyboard? Thanks a lot man.
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