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Recent content by Gingernut78

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    Post Development [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11.0][sweet][unified] LineageOS 18.1

    @grewal09 The built in Pixel launcher's at glance widget, the one that you can't remove, won't show weather for me. If I add one manually, as in make a duplicate at a glance widget, this one shows weather perfectly fine and then weather magically appears on the built-in widget too. If you...
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    Post Development [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11.0][sweet][unified] LineageOS 18.1

    @grewal09 Noticed on latest build that screen brightness is sometimes high for a few seconds when turning on screen if dc dimming is enabled. Thx for supporting our device.
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    Post Question Redmi Note 10 Pro lagging after MIUI update

    The same experience here, the device's performance has dropped significantly since updating to and has terrible lag opening apps.
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    Post [APP][2.2+] MiXplorer v6.x Released (fully-featured file manager)

    @HootanParsa Spanish translation updated.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][R][OSS] LineageOS 18.1 for POCO F2 Pro/Redmi K30 Pro [lmi/lmipro]

    If they do it like that XDA developers will get to see all the dirty hacks they code into the kernel to spy on us.
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    Post Difference between eea rom, global rom and eu rom

    As this phone is not available in China I believe that the custom EU rom is based off the Global verson. I'm not sure if they have changed the default Google phone and messages apps though.
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    Post Difference between eea rom, global rom and eu rom

    EEA ROM also uses Google apps I'm afaid.
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-14][toco]Unofficial TWRP Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite (TEST)

    Did you change the file name?? fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.4.0-14-toco-mauronofrio.img
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Lineage OS 17.1 for Pixel 2 / 2 XL

    Does this install Lineage recovery over TWRP after first flash from stock? Thx for supporting the Pixel 2 XL
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    Post [KERNEL][10.0.0] Sultan Kernel [August 14, 2020]

    Sultanxda Any idea why when using a custom kernel google play system updates won't install?
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    Post [KERNEL][10.0.0] Sultan Kernel [August 14, 2020]

    Thanks for your continued support. Just wondering, looking at your latest commit, as to why you choose the 1478400 kHz over 1555200 kHz as the lower efficient CPU frequency for the small cluster?
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    Post [KERNEL][PORT] Sultan Kernel for Android 11 [February 3, 2021]

    Latest kernel link on front page isn't working as the naming is wrong. https://github.com/Eamo5/wahoo/releases/download/Q-27-02-20/Sultan-Kernel-+-27-02-20.zip Aborts on install, I think the supported.versions=10 string sneaked into the anykernel.sh by mistake.