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    Post [ROM][G920-F-I-S-K-L][11.0] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 18.1

    Main problem with 9.0 and 10.0 roms is that the caller cannot be heard after some time of phone standby. Last rom thats works perfect is 8.1. It is any chance that 11.0 fixed this issue? btw edge model has different kernel, someone needs to compile it
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    Post [ROM][G920/5-F-I-S-K-L-T-W8][9.0] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 16.0

    Does fast charging works? My phone charge really slow
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    Post [ROM][G920/5-F-I-S-K-L-T-W8][9.0] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 16.0

    Yesterday I build 8.1 from other sources and "deep sleep" don't work. CPU after screen off stays on 800 Mhz and draining battery fast
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    Post [ROM][G920/5-F-I-S-K-L-T-W8][9.0] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 16.0

    Hello Does deep sleep work in your rom?
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    Post T280 Custom ROM Progress Thread

    Files are 100% ok. You need to change "export outdir=" in build.sh to your own path. After successfull build, .zip with ZImage will be located in "export outdir="
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    Post T280 Custom ROM Progress Thread

    "from zero" You can use me kernel source https://github.com/Gleba1337/android_kernel_samsung_gtexswifi Just change "CROSS_COMPILE" and "outdir" path to your own in makefile and build.sh This will give you zImage
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    Post T280 Custom ROM Progress Thread

    Hello I overclocked CPU from 1.3Ghz to 1.5Ghz, benchmark results in attachment. (first ss - stock, second ss - oc) Install in TWRP PS Don't know why but geekbench identify sc7730 as snapdragon 410 (???)
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    Post [DEPRECATED] [ROM][G920F][7.1.2] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1

    Install this https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/orig-development/mod-aldeon-surround-sound-mod-t3641469
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    Post [RECOVERY][TWRP-3.4.0-3] Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 - SM-T280 (gtexswifi)

    If anyone want 3.3.0 https://www.mediafire.com/file/c1k8ssagt1t6u31/T280_TWRP-3.3.0.tar/file Tested on my device, everything seems working. Source: https://github.com/underscoremone/android_kernel_samsung_gtexswifi https://github.com/underscoremone/android_device_samsung_gtexswifi...
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    Post [RECOVERY][ROOT][TWRP 3.2.1-1][Magisk v14] Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 SM-T280/SM-T285

    TWRP 3.2.3-0 for T280 Tested on my device, everything working. download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3c79gia3f47ruox/TWRP_3.2.3.img How to update: Install > Install Image > TWRP_3.2.3.img > recovery > swipe to flash Source: https://github.com/underscoremone/android_kernel_samsung_gtexswifi...
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    Post T280 Custom ROM Progress Thread

    Today I tried my yesterday ideas, but unfortunately it didn't work (stay on boot logo) My files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2vrn7l57y0hy7ln/T280_natekc.zip/file (zImage + dtb.img) Source: https://github.com/natekc/kernel_samsung_gtexswifi Maybe this will help you, but I can't be sure that...
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    Post T280 Custom ROM Progress Thread

    Today I saw on github this kernel: https://github.com/natekc/kernel_samsung_gtexswifi "Nougat+ for Samsung SM-T280 (Wifi)" So I decided to compile it and I've successfully got zImage. As we know STOCK T285 system.img + STOCK T280 boot.img can work on T280. Then LineageOS 14.1 for T285 can work...
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    Post [ROM][G920/5-F-I-S-K-L-T-W8][8.1.0] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 15.1

    Anyone know how to run snapchat on this rom? Previously I'm using AospExtended and it works fine Magisk hide don't working
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    Post [DEV] Gear S: Cyanogenmod & Android Wear Ports

    On cm I connect watch to bluetooth speaker and it works fine