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    Thread Question Andoid 12 Screen Mirroring issue

    Since I upgraded my Verizon S21 Ultra to Android 12, I can no longer use the wireless screen mirroring on my Kenwood ddx9906xr headunit. It worked perfectly fine before I upgraded, so I'm guessing it has to do with Android 12. I re-tested it using my old Note 9 running Android 10 and it still...
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    Post Question Android 12 problems

    The Wells Fargo app is working fine for me, but since updating to Android 12, my screen mirroring on my vehicle's headunit no longer works.
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    Post Network set time is an hour behind after Nougat update

    Yes, the clock on my weather widget was correct, but my task bar clock and side bar clock were wrong, even after a reboot it was correct, but eventually go back to being wrong. I just turned of the feature to have the time set by the network for a day, and when I turned it back on the clock has...
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    Thread Network set time is an hour behind after Nougat update

    After my update yesterday my phone's clock is now an hour behind, I'm using the time set by the network feature, and prefer to use this over the manual time and date. Rebooting the phone fixes the problem temporarily, but it eventually switches back. Has anyone else experienced this issue or...
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    Post I need an original s5 charger oem

    I have a couple of S5 OEM USB 3.0 cables lying around, and the OEM S5 wall adapter too. I can sell it to you if you like.
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    Post Samsung browser

    I'm posting fit now, also using ad block plus. So far I'm digging it.
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    Post System update today (March 18)

    That's right, if they know what's good for them!!
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    Post System update today (March 18)

    I hope this fixes the high android system usage battery drain.
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    Post Can't find Developer Options to unlock OEM

    The developer options menu is hidden, go to settings, about phone, and tap build number repeatedly until it tells you that you are now a developer.
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    Post Ask a few question about missing features on glalaxy S7/S7 Edge to a promoter

    Ask if Samsung will be bringing back the IR blaster on future phones.
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    Post Wasn't the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge supposed to come with Caller ID powered by Whitepages?

    I'm wondering the same thing, I just found out about truecaller recently and so far it's worked pretty well. I just now installed the white pages app, so I'll see how that does. I'm interested in other peoples opinions as well, but I guess the easiest thing to do is try them both for yourself.
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    Post Free 32GB MicroSD card from Samsung

    I got the same thing when I registered my S7 Edge, could have used the card sooner, but I'll still take it.
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    Post Preorder Thread

    My silver S7 Edge from Verizon has finally shipped, got the tracking number, but shows no movement as of yet. I'm so excited, great timing too as I'm off on Friday, so I'll be there when the UPS man comes in case I have to sign for it.
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    Post Free Samsung Wireless Charger

    I used my dad's S6 to get my wireless charger, his cards aren't supported by Samsung pay, and even if they were, he probably wouldn't use it anyway. I should have done the same with my mom's phone too, but I don't wanna be greedy.
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    Post Suggestions for microSD

    Got an email from Samsung this morning stating the 64 gb pro+ is backordered. I hope it doesn't take too long to get more in stock, I'll have my phone in a few days and I need a new card, my old one just crapped out on me.