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    Post [Q] How To Modify default.prop?

    Hello Again, Thanks once again for the support Sebastian. "Upload your boot.img, I'll check it. Do you use fastboot.exe to flash boot?" I use fastboot.exe first and then try to use the ClockworkMod Recovery Advanced option to update the "boot" only part. I am attaching here my dsixda-kitchen...
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    Post [Q] How To Modify default.prop?

    Hello Sebastian, Thanks for your response. I also tried to use the dsixda kitchen. What I did was : 1. Downloaded a backup of my phone using ClockworkMod Recovery. 2. I took the boot.img file from the backup generated. 3. Unpacked boot.img using the kitchen. 4. And then repacked it using the...
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    Thread [Q] How To Modify default.prop?

    Hello Everyone, Thank you in advance for any help on this item. I have an HTC Sensation phone which is already S-off and has CWM in it. It also has "su" previleges in it and I was able to modify CID too. The ROM inside it is stock ROM. I have been reading and following several guides on how to...