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  • In a post from March 17th 2008, you said that it is possible to put a GSM rom on a CDMA phone using the following steps:

    1. Dump your WM5 ROM.
    2. Separate dump into SYS and OEM packages.
    3. Extract XIP.
    4. Build new XIP with WM6.1 MSXIPKERNEL.
    5. Build new IMGFS with new WM6.1 SYS folder.
    6. G'Reloc the entire ROM.
    7. BuildOS to create a dump.
    8. Use Tadzio's tools to create a .bin, then to a .nb file.
    9. Flash the .nb file.

    I have the entire weekend free and would like to perform this to get a WinMo 6.5 BlueAngel ROM to work on my WinMo 2003 SE Harrier. Is there anything else I should do besides the steps you listed?

    I have the weekend and Monday to attempt this but I do not know much about ROM cooking although I have a broad computer knowledge. Fortunately, I'm an excellent googler.

    Noticing that you have a Harrier as well, have you tried this already?
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