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    Post Need Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955W Combination File

    Just enable adb with eng boot
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    Post Developer Options Does * NOT * Enable

    for some reason i had this too.. i couldnt select the usb debugging option it was greyed out. so i was trying a whole slew of things then i found myself back at the svc menu enabling port diag so i could mess with some boxes (i was murdering frp) and i thought "why not" and click on LDB and...
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    Post Galaxy s5 not registered on network

    I have an issue with my s5 sm-g900w8 6.0.1 and z3x unlocking. I rooted the phone and flashed the 5.1.1 modem so z3x would unlock without errors. I put in my freedom mobile (used to be WIND) sim card and it was working for a bit. Then I'm not sure why but it stoped working. Tried unlocking...
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    Post Removed Nexus 5x Frp Lock.Only For Android 7.1.2 With Android Security Patch 5 August

    so basically i install this easy touch apk and sideload oreo OTA and then use shortcut maker to login and thats gonna work? wheres the exploit here? i dont get it.
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    Post Samsung J120w Custom Roms?

    ya i got the same issue.. i play alot of games and find that i can only have like 2 or 3 games on here at once. its full right away! link2sd has worked in the past but its not working for this phone, properly that is. says no mount error? strange. guess ill try obb 2 sd xposed module. still no roms?
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    Post [KERNEL] -> tegra-3.18_unified_dragon_kernel_11_v201218

    im trying to install.the andri oid 8 beta in twrp. after i flash it i flash super su and it boots back to recovery. do i jeed to flash bootloader too?
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    Post Best way to create and re-flash userdata image on latest N (ryu-nrd91n)

    If I use backup then restore it loops. If I flash twrp it just boots to recovery. Now that i think about it i never did root this thing properly. Well i did with a toolkit but that doesnt count. I went beta then hated it lost root on restore then when i tried to do it again i kept running into...
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    Post Any of you install 7.1.1?

    So 7.1 still beta right? I need to be on the beta channel to get it?
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    Post Best way to create and re-flash userdata image on latest N (ryu-nrd91n)

    That whole boot.img step.. is that why I always get stuck in a weird misplaced bootloop whenever I modify anything in TWRP? I just flash original boot.img in fastboot?
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    Post [GUIDE] Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery, and Root the Pixel C (2/4/2016)

    i too lost my root cuz of update. the even harsher thing is i totally cant figure out how it was i rooted it in the first place. so many confusing directions, but i started fresh, flashed 7.0 then set it up and booted to fastboot where i then flashed recovery with twrp, then volume down+power...
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    Post OpenGL (not OpenGL ES) Games - working and not working

    tons of games crash on startup that im pretty sure dont even use opengl. i wish i could remember which ones but it was a good chunk of them. if i find them ill come back here.
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    Thread [Q] does anybody else have these problems?

    ok so first off this phone was brand new when i got it 6 months ago. no matter what rom i flash or kernel combo, my phone always ends up 'freezing' up on me. after sitting there staring at the unresponsive phone i will either yank the battery or keycombo reboot. upon trying to boot again it...
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    Post [COMPLETE GUIDE][IN-DEPTH] Difference between Odexed and De-Odexed Roms

    thanx for schooling us brah, much love.