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  • Hey, bro. There's a few themes that can go in the first posts of your thread...

    DarkStar Theme

    DarStar Taskbar Only

    Themed Phone.apk

    MetaMorph Black-Eclair v1.4 --- I found that this morph will work with our 1.5 ROMS.

    Thanks for all the work you do man.
    Thanks to all of you for your love, respect and support.
    Limited time for themes now, once I do TP2, Hero full themes will be posted :)
    hello mr godzson u can u show me step by step to put a nex theme i have the htc touch pro 2 and you have something for me one coolll theme sorry is because i am new in thiss thankss
    I like the mad scientist theme. It's awesome!!! However, the battery icon always appears full even though battery is low and the weather tab for my city cannot update. Any solutions? Thanks!
    Hello GODZSON, do You know, how to make bigger font in "Contacts" (HTC Touch Pro), better in all system?
    bohac (richman)
    Hello godzson,

    I found your fonts in a thread. great work. I love your is your Font - hallfeicafonttf3d - Is it available for windows and tf3d or only for tf3d ?


    Regards Mic
    wasup man, all your themes look hot but im having problems installing the oro theme. I think im doing it right but im getting nothing. I installed your cab and copied everything in to my mobile windows folder. Even the blue bar folder and I dont konw what Im getting wrong... I live in ny and if you could call it would be great man. My number is 917-324-1702. My name is felix, and thanks.....
    what up man ur amazing at what u do do i need tf3d to run the themes u upped , i have a touch pro?
    hey how is it going?? hey im kinda new to all this but i wanted to tell you thanks for your great work. ive downloaded a few of your fonts. i also had a question for you i have an att touch pro ive downloaded the mystic rc1 rom on it but dont like the fuzeberry theme i have one in mind but dont know how to go about actually installing it on my phone. i am sorry for bothering with this kind of thing.. but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
    How do you install the panorama special and images to the sprint touch pro? how do you make your own images for it?
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