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    Thread Cannot Install Custom Rom Xperia Z for T-Mobile (C606)

    Hello, I have been trying all day to install a custom rom on my Xperia Z for T-Mobile. I have succeeded in rooting it and installing the recovery, but it looks like the bootloader needs to be unlocked. I have followed this guide and have rooted and installed the recovery but when I install a...
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    Thread Phone Randomly Shuts Off on 4.3

    Hey, I recently did a factory flash of 4.3 and the nexus seems to be turning off randomly, especially in the night. I missed work today because the alarm didn't ring and got there 2 hours late. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, this seems to happen often and is there a fix for it?
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    Thread [Q] Eye Scrolling Nexus 4?

    Hello, I was wondering if eye scrolling and some other S4 features can be ported to the nexus. If possible, it would be amazing to use!
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    Post Who has gotten Google Play Games yet?

    Is there a separate app? like Play Games? Because I don't have that
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    Thread Who has gotten Google Play Games yet?

    Hello, I'm running the stock rooted ROM and have yet to get Google Play Games on my phone. Have any of you received the update that has enabled it yet?
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    Thread [Q] Bricked HTC ONE S, Please Help

    Hello, My friend tried to root the ONE S, but he bricked it and I need help. I am able to boot into recovery but thats about it, Is there any way I can fix the phone? I tried installing the Viper ROM and other roms, but it just boots and stays on the bootscreen. Is there any way to fix this? He...
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    Post Wireless Tethering for Nexus 4

    Nevermind, its working now. I don't know why it wasn't working before. It used to say limited connection only.
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    Thread Wireless Tethering for Nexus 4

    Hello, I have tried to use the built in wireless tethering on the Nexus 4 for T-Mobile, but it seems that they have blocked it. Is there any other way I can tether the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile? Thanks
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.4x/4.5

    Is it possible to switch back to the old launcher in the previous versions of Paranoid Android. This new launcher does not meet any of my needs. The app list does not refresh after installing an app. I can't turn off rotation, and it seems buggy in general.
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    Post Removing Power Off Option on Lockscreen

    Nope, Try it and tell me, when I hold down the power button, it reboots the phone Edit: If I hold it until the screen turns off, then it will reboot (which is usually what an normal person would do) If I hold it for about 5 seconds longer than the screen turns off, then it will turn off (which...
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    Post Removing Power Off Option on Lockscreen

    The Phone would reboot wouldn't it, instead of turning off? If a person did steal it, then that person would eventually get tired of holding that button down and leave it alone, or put it back, which is why I think removing the power off/boot option is a good way to help with this issue.
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    Thread Removing Power Off Option on Lockscreen

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to remove the power off option on the lock screen. I believe that it is a good way to ensure that the phone does not get turned off when stolen, which could make recovering/tracking it much easier. Imagine if someone stole your phone and you have an...
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    Post USB Mount via. Clockworkmod

    So there is no other way to mount my Nexus to the computer?
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    Thread USB Mount via. Clockworkmod

    Hello, I managed to soft-brick my nexus 4 and want to reinstall a ROM, but I wiped the internal memory and there are no files on the Nexus 4. I cannot go anywhere but recovery and I have clockworkmod installed. Where do I go so I can copy and paste the ROM file on my Nexus 4? Thanks
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    Thread How many Nexus 4's Sold

    Any Estimate on how many Nexus 4's have been sold? I'm imagining a crazy number as I know at least 5 people who ordered it, and 2 were crazy about it, excluding me.. haha But is there any official estimate?