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    Post Wallet type / flip case without magnet??

    I have a Belemay wallet case without magnet and am very happy with it. ordered it off Amazom
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    Post Galaxy Watch 3 Alternatives

    I got my GW3 the first day it was available at my local store and have just established a routine where every other evening I put it on the charger for a couple hours then put it back on before I go to bed. Only times I have varied is when I switched to watch faces that were battery killers.
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    Post User Manual

    Found this downloadable pdf
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    Post Wifi profiles not syncing

    Yes it does work for me.
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    Post Wifi profiles not syncing

    In the Wearable App on my phone there is a "Sync phone settings" and if I go in it there a toggle to "Sync Wi-Fi networks"
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Battery Draining Fast!

    I have the 45mm LTE SM-R845U. Have LTE on, WiFi on, Bluetooth on and connected to my Note 10+. Currently 1 day 14 hours 14 min on battery and setting at 34% battery available running in standard power mode.
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    Post Update available in the US

    I have the 45mm LTE on Verizon and received it yesterday morning but 48.10 MB . Version R845USQU1BTG6 It does have Blood Oxygen, Advanced Running Analysis and Sleep score. SPO2 works about 1 out every 10 tries. EDIT: After many failed attempts at getting SPO2 to work I did exactly what the...
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    Post Nearby Share

    I have it on my Note 10+
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    Post SM-N9750 weak vibrations after march update

    I got the March update including UI2.1 and notice no difference in the vibration intensity. Phone : SM-N974U Verizon USA
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    Post [APP] Arc Lighting - Notification Light for Galaxy Note 10

    Would love code for Navigation Light APP. Thanks for making a great APP.
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    Post Buyers remorse?

    In response to the OP,I am not experiencing any Buyers remorse.
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    Post Update to Pie announced...

    My Note 8 is downloading System Update 17 right now.