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  1. Gorep1xel

    Post T-Mobile Band 71 support in LS998 converted to US998

    Excellent, so that means the LS998 is a better deal since I would get the same bands/roms regardless, unless I get an H932, but I dunno about the rom situation with the H932. What would you recommend, my main network is T-Mobile if that helps.
  2. Gorep1xel

    Thread T-Mobile Band 71 support in LS998 converted to US998

    I'm planning to buy a V30/V30+ soon and keep noticing that the V30+ with higher storage keeps being listed cheaper than normal US998, so I'm planning to buy a LS998 and convert it to US998. Now, I know there is a method to enable bands on the US998, so I wonder, will the same method work with a...
  3. Gorep1xel

    Post Official OEM Battery replacement kit! Yup, authorized by Motorola!

    Do you know what were the manufacturers for the replacement? For example LG or Innotek for the screen, or LG and random for the battery? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Gorep1xel

    Post Replacement Screen

    After changing the screen numerous times throughout the years, I've noticed something; there are two types of panel that come with this phone, the LG one, which has excellent colors and better brightness, and the Innotek ones, which are dimmer and the colors don't pop out as much. Another thing...
  5. Gorep1xel

    Post Help!? I replaced the battery and .....

    Awesome, glad to be of help!
  6. Gorep1xel

    Post Help!? I replaced the battery and .....

    Check if the battery is correctly plugged in into the phone, sometimes the battery is loose. If the battery is correctly plugged in then check if you are using a powerful enough charger to charge the phone
  7. Gorep1xel

    Post Help! Phone doesn't turn on

    NVM, I opened the phone and disconnected the battery and put it back on and the problems fixed itself
  8. Gorep1xel

    Thread Help! Phone doesn't turn on

    So I've had my Moto X Pure (XT1575) for almost two years now, and it's been through hell and back with me. A few months ago, I replaced the screen because of the hot spots the screen had since I've bought it, at the same time, I replaced the battery, the frame and installed a wooden back cover...
  9. Gorep1xel

    Post [ROM][7.1.x][CLARK] Official Mokee Open Source Project Development

    There is a zip called clarkfix that fixes the low sound issue, search for it in the forums, just flash it and the volume will go up. Remember that you'll have to flash it Everytime u flash a daily.
  10. Gorep1xel

    Post Strange Bootloop/Possible Hardware Issue?

    It turns out it died for sure today, it wouldn't even turn on. RIP phone, u were such a good phone
  11. Gorep1xel

    Thread Strange Bootloop/Possible Hardware Issue?

    Hey guys I need your help, I was using my phone yesterday and suddenly it turned off and got stuck in a bootloop but not the normal ones. At first I figured it was something with the software or anything and went to sleep. The bootloop is unique in that sometimes it passes the Alcatel screen and...
  12. Gorep1xel

    Post idol 4/4S!

    I think they are good offerings but wouldn't buy one, the Idol 4 is a slightly smaller, slightly better Idol 3, with the difference being the LTPS display, more RAM in the top version and a better SoC, it isn't justifiable for me to buy a nearly identical device when my Idol 3 costed me $130...
  13. Gorep1xel

    Post [6045][6.0.1][Stock-based] Project MATERIAL

    This rom is awesome! It is as close as AOSP as possible, something I've been wanting for a while now (I've been learning some stuff since I want to be able to contribute someday). Also got 39k in Antutu and no heat or weird stuff. The only things that bother me a little (nit-picking here, I can...
  14. Gorep1xel

    Post [ROM/FIRMWARE][6045X] Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 5.5

    Well my random reboots could've been caused by that, after a fresh install I only installed Xposed and SuperSu, without greenify and Amplify. So far no reboots, and also I haven't used kernel adiutor since its not very useful without a custom kernel. The Marionette thought it could've been...
  15. Gorep1xel

    Post [ROM/FIRMWARE][6045X] Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 5.5

    Oh so it wasn't only me who had those reboots! I also deleted the stock apps, I'll try to start fresh without deleting them and will report back.