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    Post [How To] Bypass Lloyds and Santander Root Detection

    Does anyone in this thread have lloyds working at the moment? I've tried all the different methods in this thread and not getting anywhere. thanks
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    Post Question Radio App

    The two needed packages for FM radio are disabled by /system/etc/cust_pms/CountryCode/EU.xml I produced a magisk module to patch this back but I couldn't find a way to get those system apps (which are present on the device) to reinstall themselves. I extracted and manually reinstalled them but...
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    Post Question Rooting Zenfone 8

    Thanks, great news that ASUS are not being dicks with the bootloader unlocking. For anyone else who isn't too clear on the steps (like me!) - After patching the boot image with magisk you then can use adb to pull that image to a PC and then use adb reboot bootloader and then fastboot boot...
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    Post Question Rooting Zenfone 8

    If you use DRM Info app do you still have Widevine L1 security level? (needed for netflix hd playback) thanks.