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  • Hi i got your manilla customizer to work but the flip clocks wont update the time it just says 00:00. any idea on how to fix it? just email me at [email protected] if you can please with assistance if you have the time =)
    im tryin to install the talking dialpad on my tmobile touch pro 2 but i don't know where to go to register the keys. I have the zip file and the downloaded on my phone.
    Quick question, spent 2 hours looking for the solution and came up empty...I've installed ManilaCustomizer and everything works except the wallpaper, all I get is the default dark grey instead of the panoramics...any ideas? All the filenames match perfectly, is there something I'm missing? Thanks
    hello again.

    Sorry for wasting your time - ive sorted it easily - i was just being dumb. Wicked apps thankyou all for posting these
    Hello - im trying to use the manilla customisor. Just hoping you can shed some light for me. I have installed the cab files on the diamond (standard uk ROM - not cooked or flashed - 1.93) - i have placed the icons, sliders etc (normal and the JPG) files into the relevant folders. How do i use the customisor 0.8. I have tried to run this on my PC and on the diamong and get an error message either way. (pc - unhandled exception has occured in you application) - (phone - an unexpected error has occured) - I have installed the .net comapct framework on the phone and i have also got .net on the PC. How do i get this to run correctly. Any advise will be greatly apreciated.

    Many thanks

    Oh - if youd like to email me its [email protected]

    I tried running the program on my touch pro but all i get is a black screen can someone help?
    hello thanx for your app MANILA CUSTOMAIZER i need help this program dont run on my divace and say REQUIERES A NEWER VERSION OF THE MICROSOFT .NET
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