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    Post [ROM][11.0] crDroidAndroid v7.2 [2021/02/23]

    Hello, do I must flash miui AFTER flashing this ROM? (I've flashed flash_all_except_storage.bat but seems reset to MIUI) Thanks in advance!
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    will it get updated soon? I can't use some apps because they won't pass splash screen, I may wait if it will have an update, or I would rollback to 9.0 if not :/ I've figured out another bug: When switching back from battery saver mode, it's stills on battery saver mode (but on UI it's not)
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    I can confirm the laggy and the chrome crashes, In this the fingerprint works. Also I have some apps that won't open at all, keeps loading, others won't pass login page, keeps loading too.
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    Does the fingerprint work on this? Is there any known bug?
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    Post [ROM][BETA][10.0][tiffany] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/15]

    works like a charm, except for the Fingerprint. Do we have any hope of when it will be fixed?