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  • Buenas Amigo.! Necesito un favor suyo, tengo un X1 y deseo ponerle WM6.5 me puedes dar el link de algun tutorial que sea al menos en español, ya q no se mucho el ingles. se lo agradeceria :p
    hello. your sex1 r5 7 pure rom was the frist rom i have ever flashed in my life lol, thanks alot though i really like it.
    ill be looking forward to any updates from you because im too scared to try out any of the beta x2 roms due to the various problems posted on the thread.
    anyway thanks again.
    Hi, I'm using Samsung i780 (320x320 resolution) with RealVGA 96dpi. Can I get the 1% increments if I install your cab? Which cab should I choose to install?
    Or can you do something so that I (and other Samsung i780 users) can get the 1% increments? Or any help?
    Hi, thanks a lot for your work... sex1 5.07 is a very nice piece of work. works very nice (sometime freeze, but not to be a problem) very fast and stable... Pero lo quiero en español!!!!!!!!!!..... COmo se hace?!?!?! Ya bajé la cocina de sex1 5 y le hice lo que dice en el post (dump de un oem español -r3aa- copiar/reemplazar/cambiar de nombre carpetas a 0c0a)... pero... no camina....
    el dump muestra otro numero de build (obviamente porque el dump es de 6.1, no de 6.5)... igual la compilé, se instala en el telefono, bootea...y no hace nada!!!!....
    no comprendo... help!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tambien traté de usar la conina que está en el thread de español al respecto ( , pero no está completa y el para el ftp no funciona el usuario/password.
    Le agradezco si me puede apmliar un poco la información.
    just upgraded (flashed) my week old xperia x1 from 6.1 to 6.5.. many thanks gtrab. now my xperia looks like its worth the money i spent on it... many thanks mate
    hi gtrab, sorry if this sounds noob but i just got a new x1 and i'm sure you can relate to me when i say i don't want to brick an expensive device but i really want to flash a ROM! so firstly, for warranty purposes cant i just hard reset after i have installed a ROM? will that restore the warranty? And i'm from Australia so if i flash a generic Australia ROM will that also restore the warranty? I greatly appreciate your reply!
    hola amigo soy nuevo y tengo un X1 que quiero cargar windows mobile 6.5 en español pero trate de entrar en el link de uno de tus post y me solicita un usuario o contraseña hay algún otro sitio para poder descargar este rom
    Hi gtrab

    i have download the new pure rom

    the vga vedio recording is poor ???

    there are solution to this problem or increase fps???
    Hi Gtrab,
    I am having a little problem... I have just installed the NEW R3A PANEL MANAGER and i want to go back to the original one... where can I find it? Sorry for the question but i'm a noob... :|
    Hi Gtrab, i am jack, a WM newbie....

    Need some expert advise from you, can i install WM on my 8gb memory card for my HTC TD2?

    Any tutorials or 'how-tos'? coz i've been google-ing and searching in xda but just couldnt found any guides for the newbie on WM.

    Thanks mate.

    hi gtarb
    i have updated my ro to r3aa
    what do you think the best rom is?
    last valkyrie or last energy rom?
    Hi gtrab ..

    I need your help , i have X1
    Windows 6.1
    rom date : 04/23/09

    I have upgraded my X1 a month ago using the offical rom from sony ericsson offical site , i tried to upgarde my X1 to windows 6.5 using Pure rom ( failed ) , Xtreme ( failed ) i got error 262 update error , i think my rom is locked .

    Thanks ..
    hellow gtrab,

    1st of all THANK YOU for your great effort in cooking the 3 wm 6.5 ROMs.
    I have chosen the Pure version and everything is working great with me so far, also the HTC APPs are working fine, except for HTC Voice Recorder.
    The first attempt to instal was successful, after reset I tried to run the program but it gave me a message saying that it cannot be opened, either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or of its components cannot be found, as well as advising to try and reinstall.
    I tried to uninstall but it is failing as well as when trying to reinstall I get the message that it is unsuccessful, and the program Icon is sitting in my program list useless.
    any advise on what might have weny wrong...cheers.
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