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    Post [KERNEL] 23-09-2020 AGNi 🔥 MiUi/AOSP - Oreo/Pie/Q EAS v9.9.1

    V 9.7 i got 42° temperature, pubg at 52° V 9.9.1 i got 37° and playing pubg at 46°. Wooww... Thanks psndna88
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    Post [KERNEL] 23-09-2020 AGNi 🔥 MiUi/AOSP - Oreo/Pie/Q EAS v9.9.1

    Thanks to psndna88 I play pubg, and smooth like charms... No lagging, choopy etc, but still hot, i use 480p smooth ultra at 40fps
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    Post [ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS v2.9 [WHYRED][30.09.2019]

    Download link to sourceforge don't work, anyone link mirror?
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    Post [9.0] ResurrectionRemix Official 7.0.2 [whyred]

    How to enabling root on system, root disabled by system even with magisk
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    Post anyone rooted their phone after pie aupdate?

    Your rom now pie, then you should install recovery pie too.. Orangefox 9.02
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    Post [GUIDE] Install Dolby atmos on Redmi note 5 pro

    But same feature and work like atmos ☺ Thanks, working with rom global stable
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    Post [OFFICIAL][TWRP][TREBLE] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.0]

    Successful OTA updated rom 9.4.12 from 9.3.28 with orangefox recovery 9.0.2 Thanks to DarthJabba9 Just in case, always read information from page 3
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    Post MIUI 10 Pie OTA Updates from TWRP?

    Same question, but for sure.. use mi recovery to ota updated, then back to twrp again
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    Post Everything About Anti Roll-back [Whyred]

    Install boot.img from your rom.zip then flash fastboot again.. you boot.img corrupt after flashing fasboot.. Just "fastboot reboot" command after flashing WANT TO ASK: my rom 9.3.28 rooted, with magisk and twrp 3.2.3 for pie with arb 4 And then ota updated showing on my whyred.. Should i...
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    Post Dolby Atmos For Any Pie Rom

    How can you so clever? Thanks ? Almost everyday i searching about viper and dolby atmos for my whyred ? For rom 9.3.28 pie miui 10 Just sharing: * Install viper from xda lab version 2.7 Then install audio mod library and audio mod patch * Install dolby atmos from here
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    Post [Magisk][Module][MI A2 Stock Camera][Update-22/9/18]

    It's seem like camera stock miui whyred.. On ROM global, but ported.. Like a charm, no lag, you need give permission first.. Recommended camera stock for whyred with no bug at all.. ROM RR combo with this camera.. It's awesome.. Gcam not yet final.. V4.0 final..
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    Post [Magisk][Module][MI A2 Stock Camera][Update-22/9/18]

    Work prefect on ROM RR.. Thanks broo
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    Post [recovery][official] twrp-3.4.0-x [P-1Q][Jun-26-2020]

    How to backup rom? Anyone can explain? It's can not restore from backup
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    Post [OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-OS 6.2.0[Treble][OTA][RN5PINDIA/RN5 CHINA/GLOBAL[11-Sep]

    I need stock miui camera on this rom.. How to do that? Please some advice for me..