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    Post GCAM Camera share your settings with Photos Taken

    is gcam already available in exy version? reading through s10+ subforum, it seem to work w/o HDR, w/o nightmode, etc.
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    Post [Q]Stuck in fastboot mode

    Flash the .boot.img file from the latest rom
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    Post [Guide] Flashing TWRP & Granting Root Access (Magisk Systemless) - Red Magic 3

    Not workint with the most recent cn version (2.27) Hope someone can update the twrp file :)
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    Thank you for porting this rom to mm3! Awesome dev. My only issue at the moment is that the launcher is a bit too responsive. Swiping up triggers the recent tabs (quick step) before the apps drawer. Other than that, pretty much working ??
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    Post [KERNEL][V7.0|13-June-2020]ResurrectedKernel

    flashed this over Dot OS rom from miui 10.22 No issue so far, ang battery last long (ofc with some tweak using Ex Kernel Mngr.)
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    Post [ROM][Pie][UNOFFICIAL] dotOS 3.0[Mi Max 3(Nitrogen]][PERMISSIVE][STABLE]

    Good start! hoping for more updates! will bookmark for now..
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    Post [KERNEL][V7.0|13-June-2020]ResurrectedKernel

    this is awesome! will try this and and feedback to you, currently, im using DotOS pie rom
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    Post [KERNEL][V7.0|13-June-2020]ResurrectedKernel

    hopefully, kernel for Pie can be added soon! :D
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    Post [FIX][GSI][TWRP] Mi Max 3 ROMs

    "How do I enable DT2W (double-tap to wake)? Create a file named "enable_dt2w" (without the quotes) in your device's internal storage. Reboot your device. " What kind of file should be created on the interval storage to make this work. Thank you for the usual support :)
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    Post [GUIDES][LIST][05.03.19] Boot Pie GSIs and Fix Issues [Brightness+Bt+VOLTE]

    I'm using DotOS as a daily driver. very stable :D
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    Post Google Camera Mod

    its on this thread, not sure what page though :) im using dotOS pie with magisk and it worked perfectly ;)
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    Post [GUIDES][LIST][05.03.19] Boot Pie GSIs and Fix Issues [Brightness+Bt+VOLTE]

    Have you tried flashing this ROM sir? any feedback? :D