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    Post [Android 4.2+][ROOT][2017.09.21] FlashFire v0.73

    So I'm just trying to understand this better. I cannot connect my phone to a computer at all because I started always the USB device unrecognized error. I am on the Deodoxed [ROM] [Touchwiz-PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No Itson] [4/5/2016] ROM currently. Am I able to put a rom in tar form...
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    Thread Finally given up trying to connect phone to PC. Help!

    OK, so for months now I have done everything from buying a new cable, battery, fully erasing both internal and external (I have a card reader I can put my micro SD card in), reformatted everything, tried using other computers to connect the phone, and the list goes on. I never thought about...
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    Post Flashing back to the original stock ROM?

    I cannot connect to a computer at all. I always get USB device not recognized error. I've tried on a few computers. So no, I cannot odin at ll. Is there a flashable stock I can try?
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    Thread Flashing back to the original stock ROM?

    OK, after trying everything that I could think of, including suggestions to get my phone to be recognized by the computer on USB and the fast charging working again (only thing I have not done is replace the battery). I am on the Deodoxed [ROM] [Touchwiz-PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No...
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    Post Help with booting problems?

    I have a PC, the problem is that it will no longer recognize my phone by USB. It always gives the USB not recognized error. I do have a folder in root called carrier but when I try to go into it with root it tells me my phone is not rooted. This does not make sense as my phone is rooted , per...
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    Thread Help with booting problems?

    Hello, I just noticed something the other day and I do not know if this has any effect on my problem with the phone getting a usb not recognized error so I wanted inquire! So I did a completely clean install of the [ROM] [Touchwiz-PC1,PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No Itson] [4/5/2016]...
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    Post PC Will No Longer Detect Note 4. Gives Unknown Device/USB Device Not Recognized Error

    :crying: I just got a new OEM charger and nope. Nadda. The battery even started going down at first when plugged in! Could it be the battery is the problem?
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    Thread PC Will No Longer Detect Note 4. Gives Unknown Device/USB Device Not Recognized Error

    Hello Everyone. Hopefully someone can help. I have searched and found people with some similar issues, however this one is stumping me good. So a couple days ago the cable that came with my Note 4 crapped out. It shorted out and burned a small hole through the cable and now sparks if you try...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][TRLTESPR] Emotion AOSP R22 [OFFICIAL][10/2]

    Is it safe to Odin back to COG5 from PD1? I really wanna test this rom out. My battery life is horrible on the stock roms. Sent from my SM-N910P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post Marshmallow 6.0 Odin files N910PVPU4DPC1 HERE!

    So Im on the upgraded marshmellow, but how do i load the twrp into odin with a .img file? I get an error everytime
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    Post [ROM] [N910PVPS4COK1] [100% Stock, Root, Odexed&Deodexed, No KNOX/Itson] [12/15/2015]

    I cannot get rid of the "Activation Not Completed" notification. I followed the directions to install very clearly. I've disable auto-updates. Any clues how to get rid of it?
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    Post [ROM][P31xx][MM][6.0.1][Linaro][SaberMod] CyanogenMod 13

    So does this ROM work with the Sprint SPH-P500?
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    Post Sprint SPH-P500

    Has anyone had any luck installing any ROM's on this device? I got it rooted but cannot find anything to install for it. I read you could install a ROM from another model but you would lose 4G.
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    Post [ROM][ND8/NJ2][4.4.2] Wicked S5 Xperience v2.2 [Updated 2/19/15]

    I was thinking that. Is it best to just format internal from windows? I am using philz 6.48.4 and i have no option to format just /sdcard, only the /sdcard1
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    Post [ROM][ND8/NJ2][4.4.2] Wicked S5 Xperience v2.2 [Updated 2/19/15]

    Help! I tried to install this rom. I did a full internal wipe as instructed. Flashed 2.0, then the 2.1 update. I cannot get past the Samsung boot logo. I tried just installing the 2.0 without the 2.1 update and same thing. I have done full wipes each time and it just stalls at the Samsung logo...