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  • sir
    i am new to windows mobile and can you pls tell me about rom flashing and why all these step by step process are doing.how can i do this from my pc as well as from my sd.or can you suggest a site or topic which explain this detailed.
    thanking you
    hi there....need a small favour from u. u had posted an interesting thread once, about how to charge the battery more and make it last for a longer time. can u either send me the thread or tell me how to do it? my usage is minimal with a standard battery, and it lasts hardly 1 day!much obliged
    Hi. Yes, I'm with Rogers. I think very low of them, but I have a pretty darn good plan. I used to work for them, so I know the ins and outs. I got my Vox from a guy in Hawaii, mailed it to me.
    Hey there, Your profile says you're from Toronto, I'm on the west coast in Victoria. I was wondering who your cell provider is? Are you with Rogers? What do you think of them? And where did you get your Vox from? I'm with rogers, but I got my Vox from India.
    Nope, it's WM 6.0 - I will post the needed files in the thread you saw the screenshot. Just follow along in there.
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