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Recent content by hachigoro

  1. hachigoro

    Post Flashing a Custom ROM on 6T T-Mobile?

    I was going to ask the same question, as I am also planning to install Lineage on my Tmo 6T. Did you ever find the answer?
  2. hachigoro

    Thread T-mobile Oneplus 6T dual sim with Lineage

    Hello, I haven't been able to find a clear answer to this in my research. I have a T-Mobile Oneplus 6T, if I unlock the bootloader and flash Lineage, will the dual sim work, or do I have to convert it to the international OOS first? Thanks!
  3. hachigoro

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][fajita][11] LineageOS 18.1

    I haven't tried with 18.1, but I installed 17.1 on a different phone, and had the same issue. With the official android build I could transfer files on Windows no problem. With lineage, most of the time it does not recognize the phone when connected, but sometimes it randomly does.
  4. hachigoro

    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] [MARSHMALLOW] CyanogenMod 13 for Nexus 5 [CAF]

    unlock screen problem Hi guys. I have tried the last 2 nightlies and I am having this issue in the unlock screen. When I swipe up to unlock the phone, sometime the swipe is not recognized. After trying a few things I figured the problem is when starting the swipe from the area I have...
  5. hachigoro

    Post [ROM] Cyanogenmod-5 For Dream/Magic - Mean Lean Pastry Machine - V5.0.8 (06/19/2010)

    The Cyanogen 5.X.X can't use the RAM hack, cause Android 2.1 needs the GPU acceleration to be able to run decently, and if you use the RAM hack, you disable 3D acceleration. I think that version 5.0.8 fixes the charging issues. You can get the testing version here...
  6. hachigoro

    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    As I don't have twitter, I answer Cyanogen's question about IM: Cyanogen: "Does anyone actually use the T-Mobile IM app?" Cyanogen: "The reason I ask is because we can save about 10mb of system memory, plus keep you signed into GTalk by ditching it." If you can save 10 MB of memory, I would...
  7. hachigoro

    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    Great! Thanks Cyanogen! I have installed 4.2.5 on my Magic and it works like a charm. Fast, stable and beautiful. :)
  8. hachigoro

    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    As far as I know, with the new camera software there is no digital zoom, as it is completely useless in most cases. It is better to take the photo without zoom and later edit it.
  9. hachigoro

    Post Thin, snug silicone cover

    I have received the one everyone talks about: http://cgi.ebay.es/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270425303620&_trksid=p2759.l1259 It fits perfectly. There are no problems with the camera hole, or the mic hole. It has two holes, on both sides, so it is compatible with every Magic model. I would...