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  • u can flash other roms. your radio should be ok. only flash a radio thats recommended by the chef
    I have a question maybe you can help me out here.

    Im running
    os 5.2.23568
    manilla 2.5.20121412.1
    rom is kumar's 2.0
    I would like to flash my phone with different roms
    I guess my question is do i have to flash the radio first?
    How do i know if the radio works with that rom?
    Sorry for the 21 questions i have been searching all day.

    What do you think the best setup is? i read your post about the 2.11 radio, can i flash that with the rom i have.
    Thanx in advance.
    If you need help with an issue with your phone feel free to PM me. I will hit you back up as soon as possible.
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