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Recent content by HackMimic

  1. HackMimic

    Post Lets talk... Why are there so many lackluster apps on the marketplace?

    I totally agree with the API restrictions. It has kept me from making an app i really want to but on the other hand I as a developer feel that having eye candy in your app is a must. My specific type of apps for WP7 make the Android and iPhone users jealous as they dont have eye candy apps in...
  2. HackMimic

    Thread [Apps]The Ultimate MMJ Collection[Free]

    Hello everyone, I am proud to present my complete collection of Medical Marijuana Apps found on the WP7 Marketplace. Below are links to all of the apps: These apps should cover about everything related to Medical Marijuana out there. Feel free to request any features or leave me...
  3. HackMimic

    Post Why are WP7 apps not updated that much often??

    i guess it comes down to the apps you are downloading. I get annoyed with all the updates i receive all the time. I as a developer try to update my apps atleast once a month and introduce new features as i learn how to code them in. But in comes down to the person themself. Sometimes we are busy...
  4. HackMimic

    Thread [App]Parental Drug ID[V1.0.0.0] for concerned parents

    Hello everyone, I have made a new app but this one is different than the others I have made. This app focuses on the different types of illegal drugs with information on overdosing as well as side-effects for concerned parents. The goal of this app is to educate a parent on the different types...
  5. HackMimic

    Post [Dec 21][APP]PS3DJB v2.5.1 Supports Eng, Ger, Nor, Esp & Fr

    That is correct. It is best if you have 2 PS3's. One for online and one for modding
  6. HackMimic

    Thread [APP]MJ's Plant Rx Guide Free[APP][v1.0.0.0]

    Hello everyone once again. I have an early Christmas present for all you patients out there... I am proud to present MJ's Plant Rx Guide!!! This app is designed to help Medical Cannabis growers of all skill levels troubleshoot their plants to a healthier harvest. Inside the app there are 4 main...
  7. HackMimic

    Post [APP]MJ's Strain Guide Free[V1.7]

    New update has been submitted to the Marketplace. It should be available in the next few days. Version
  8. HackMimic

    Post [APP]MJ's Cook Book Free[APP][v1.1.0.0]

    Version 1.1 is now available on the marketplace for download!
  9. HackMimic

    Post [APP]MJ's Cook Book Free[APP][v1.1.0.0]

    I have submitted an update for the app. Version 1.1 should be available in the next few days. I have added several new desert recipes to the list!
  10. HackMimic

    Post [APP]MJ's Cook Book Free[APP][v1.1.0.0]

    An update to this app to come at the end of the month as well as the strain guide. The next strain guide update will have a jumpgrid integrated as soon as the bugs are worked out of it. A third app is in the works and is dedicated to patients that grow. more info to come once release is ready!!!
  11. HackMimic

    Thread [APP]MJ's Cook Book Free[APP][v1.1.0.0]

    Hello again everyone, I wanted to give a heads up on my new app that has been approved and now available on the marketplace called MJ's Cook Book. This app is for the medical marijuana patient who cannot consume there medicine via a smoke-able format. This app will teach you how to convert...
  12. HackMimic

    Post [ CONCEPT ] Business Card Reader Concept for Windows Phone

    If you do a search on the marketplace you will find good ol' worldcard just like what was on wm6.5. Just cost $9.99 but there is one. I would doubt this kind of app would be made for free.
  13. HackMimic

    Post [APP]MJ's Strain Guide Free[V1.7]

    Thank you for your feedback. I do encourage feedback and suggestions. Please leave suggestions of features you would like in this app and i will try to implement them if they go good with this app and please keep in mind i am going to make several other app related to this subject matter. for...
  14. HackMimic

    Post [APP]MJ's Strain Guide Free[V1.7]

    I am planning another update soon which will add more strains as well as the ability to take notes on a strain your growing within the strain details page. That will come once MJ's CookBook is complete which its looking good so far. More updates soon Sent from my HD7 using XDA Windows Phone 7 App
  15. HackMimic

    Post [APP]MJ's Strain Guide Free[V1.7]

    update is now live. if you cannot find it yet give it a day as sometimes Microsoft is slow to update there marketplace but full approval went through for the update. This will now allow the app on all markets. updated first post.