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    Post [Kernel] [10] [A5070/FN] Quantum Quack v2.0 for A50s (update 26.09.2020)

    that Image file is the kernel. unpack the boot.img from the device's firmware and rename the Image file you just made into boot.img-zImage. then repack it.
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    Post Ultimate Q {ROM} A507FN

    change the source code into full link like this: it doesn't have "...".
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    Post [Kernel] [10] [A5070/FN] Quantum Quack v2.0 for A50s (update 26.09.2020)

    Reserved v2.0 is now here, so sorry for a month delay. This update included: Use latest source (A507FNXXU5BTG1) Enabled Power Efficient Workqueue Add and updated WireGuard Enabled DriveDriod support Updated Wakelock Blocker Better deep sleep Disabled some samsung security functions Optimised...
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    Post [Kernel] [10] [A5070/FN] Quantum Quack v2.0 for A50s (update 26.09.2020)

    Reserved we are receiving a lot of reports that there is some pop-up when you reboot the device: "There is an internel problem with your device...", just ignore it.
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    Thread [Kernel] [10] [A5070/FN] Quantum Quack v2.0 for A50s (update 26.09.2020)

    This kernel works only on A507FN, A5070 . I'm not responsible for any damage if you flash on other devices. - I am not responsible about any damage of any kind that this kernel may cause. - You are allowed to use this kernel in your project with proper credits and links to the thread or source...
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    Post Please help how to hard reset on A50s

    since we have TWRP for now, that will be easier. here is the TWRP: 1. flash it. 2.Go to advanced and then go to File Manager to access the files in your phone. 3.Go to the /data/system folder...
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.3.1-0 for Galaxy A50s

    make a pull request on my source. i will update it. please note that you may have to update your TWRP soon because i will fix some errors.
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.3.1-0 for Galaxy A50s

    im proud of you. send me what you edit, i need for educational purpose. do a reserved reply or two. you will need it for update and bugs.
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    Post [guide] [root]how to root your a50s again (with unstable TWRP)

    Samsung did a great job by messing up the kernel. you will have to compile the custom kernel by yourself. i will send you a link, watch those commits and do as it.
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    Post [guide] [root]how to root your a50s again (with unstable TWRP)

    use my device tree on GitHub. i have left the guide there. you will see it. but still, i would recommend Kali Linux :)
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    Post i messed up my a50 badly and now i cant get out of the download mode.

    you have RMM Prenormal Mode. thats normal cuz the vaultkeeper mess it up. connect both your device and pc, hold volume up and down and flash stock rom. to solve the rmm, use my trick for this: check your update. when it start to download, press stop and you can use it normal.
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    Post We need to have a telegram channel to discuss

    ask CamoGeko, maybe he can help you with that.