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    Post Screen on time

    i like to charge when the battery is going below 50%, but usually a 2.5-3 hours SOT is reached by that time, plus when left uncharged through the night, the idle consumption is quite good too that in the morning the battery lost just about 1-2%. Sure there might be some app that disturbs the...
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    Post Request for Xperia Theme List with Old Xperia softkeys

    umm i have tried the silver one and it still uses oreo default rounded home button.
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    Post [Oreo][Overlay] Enable Night Light tile

    i didn't experience such hiccup though. But i do experience that the white balance is reset after the Night Light is turned off. So i chose to uninstall it in the mean time.
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    Post [Oreo][Overlay] Enable Night Light tile

    confirmed working on XZ1. Need second try though, first try doesn't work (strangely). I did by simply install the apk as standard apk, and use the adb command, then reboot. It doesn't appear at first, i repeat install the apk, going adb command again (make sure device is usb debugging enabled...
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    Thread Request for Xperia Theme List with Old Xperia softkeys

    Does anybody know such theme? All the old themes doesn't have custom softkeys so when used, it uses the default rounded home button. What i want is to have Xperia XZ softkeys on my XZ1. Thanks all.
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    Post SHould I get this or XZ Premium?

    Umm, Project Treble might give better solution on XZ1? I'm no dev but it should work easier for dev. The shame thing is that Sony phones are few and devs might have no interest in it anymore. But at least faster update might be on the cards because of Treble compatibility. To OP, imo, with...
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    Post LG QHD LCD vs Sony 4K

    Maybe you could invest in Mifi Modem for Verizon? and just purchase additional non Data SIM for the phone. i don'tlive in America so it's just a naive suggestion though.
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    Post Native 4K display resolution after Oreo update

    No, it's just correctly naming the display physical attributes. the resolution is still 400dpi though, as displayed below it.
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    Post Buy the XZ at half the cost, or is XZ1 that much better?

    wait for the review i'd say. if battery life is worse then XZ then XZ. if not, then XZ1 all the way. 835 with UFS will definitely be more efficient on battery life, plus all the additional camera ability is icing on the cake, just the battery actual capacity is the big concern here.
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    Post [MOD] MI4C Charged

    I am using Mi4C Developer ROM 7.8.24 right now. can this mod applied into it?
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    Post [MOD] MI4C Charged

    sorry for my ignorance, but can it be used with Developer MIUI ROM? Thanks
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    Post Reasons to buy this phone over the X Performance?

    Spec isn't everything, especially when constrained by battery life. For someone who plays like only 2d game, or Asphalt/Riptide game, the XA1 Ultra will play fine for most. The XA1 ultra battery even tho small, it can do better than expected. I'm not sure how Sony can pull this (as i can...
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    Post Sony Android TV Users

    Thanks but i just can't see beyond android startup. The longest it can go It's stuck at starting app dialog box and no more. Just rebooting. Wish there were a method for reinstalling Android firmware by force through the USB port.
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    Post Sony Android TV Users

    Hi all, my KD49X8300C just crashed yesterday and it got boot loop! So it's not operational. after 2-3 reboot, it seems like it trashed the apk cache and optimizing it, but once all apks got optimized, it once again crashed and boot loop. I suspect there was some corrupted Android system inside...