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Recent content by happily1986

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    Post Galaxy Note 3 Singapore users thread

    Anybody recently deknox-ed their Note 3 N9003 and then flash an AOSP rom on it? About a year or so back i thought of moving away from stock firmware but i was always defeated by the knox implementation at the bootloader level :/
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    Post suddenly brightness is less than usual -- z5 - E6833 UB, Rooted

    Dear sichil, I would like to check with you. Your instructions will help to modify the actual LCD brightness values at various brightness setpoints or? I wish to modify the thermal throttling behaviour to ensure that the LCD brightness is not reduced too much especially when I am outdoors.
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    Thread Multiple issues Marshmallow

    Dear fellow users, Below are some issues I have faced on my unrooted set and i hope someone will come forth with some helpful workarounds if they indeed encountered it before. 1. Under settings> storage> internal storage, clicking on photos or videos show media that I have already moved...
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    Post iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G / CoreX4 3G Root/Guide

    I need to buy a flip case for my iberry core x4 3G. problem is most online sources are merchants on eBay India who do not ship outside of India. Is there anyone kind enough to purchase on my behalf and ship to me in Singapore? Very much appreciated!
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    Post {Z}[DEVELOPMENT] - CM11.0 - Android 4.4 - FreeXperia Project

    i keep losing IMEI after flashing. any help will be appreciated.
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    Post ug802 with heatsink, oc kernel and rom?

    Try 2dark4u 720p OC kernel. http://www.allminipc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16 Since netflix is already jittery, i will suggest sticking with 720p because framerates overall will definitely be better than on 1080p. You could try 1080p OC kernel which is found in the same link too. Maybe...
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    Thread [Q] LTE positioning not working. how about yours?

    LTE positioning is not working in Google Maps. HSDPA positioning works fine though. Anyone experienced this as well? Am on CM 10.1.2 15th July Nightly.
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    Post [KERNEL][Z] DooMKernel (v22)[20140413]

    you can give it a shot by first reducing the Tx power of the WiFi 1x1 antenna from the default 30 to lower
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    Post [Discussion] CM10.1 for Xperia Z

    Anyone kept encountering problems with their LTE positioning? Google Maps kept complaining my position is currently not available. With WiFi, it works pronto.
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    Post [Discussion] CM10.1 for Xperia Z

    Was from the June 15th nightly and just flashed to the 19th nightly and realised with much delight the much dreaded WiFi BMPS bug is gone. I notice the layout of the prima wlan config.ini changed significantly. The BMPS toggle was shifted right up to the top so I believe that some commits were...
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    Post Whatsapp doesn't auto sync

    If you are using your phone's WiFi mainly at home, try to set the router's wireless beacon interval lower. The default value should be 100ms. I set it to 30ms and I think it seemed to have helped. A lower interval implies more network overhead due to a higher frequency of beacon packets but I...
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    Post Whatsapp doesn't auto sync

    The problem lies with the buggy Qualcomm Prima drivers which interferes with the way BMPS (Beacon Mode Power Saving) operates. If you disable BMPS in the wlan config.ini in Prima, believe me your problem will go away BUT your phone will HARDLY go into deep sleep if you have a habit of leaving...
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    Post [Discussion] CM10.1 for Xperia Z

    Has RC5 incorporated the latest wifi drivers? i find the wifi connectivity issues that bugged me on stock builds is still somewhat present. I had to resort to the turnaround bug fix by disabling Beacon Mode Power Saving but that has caused me serious battery drain on standby. My phone just wont...
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    Post 4.2.2 is Finally Out.

    i already have it! CM10.1 hahaha. kthxbye