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  • The Only Problem With My Tattoo is Bluetooth. Bluetooth doesnt Work There is no option to send the file from device nor it recieves. i have not tried with Wi-Fi. Just got yesterday. and When i turn on it shows on other device but it says failed to send help!!!
    hi, :D

    i need to change imei to my htc touch 3g (t3434) and i can't do it with iwizard, i dont know why, you can help me?
    Hi, Haree, I have a q!
    can u tell me who can create a Home Screen which rotatable.. like the attached one.

    Hi buddy whats up? Long time no see? Enjoying your Touch 3G :D? Plan to get a touch diamond next month :D. Lets c.
    Guys, this dude no longer has a Gene, so it wont be possible for him to answer most of your queries :D
    Hello Sir,I'm using a Htc P3400i with a 6.5 ROM (New Gene) downloaded from ankit360.I see many 6.5 roms on xda,but they have not written for which device is the particular ROM for.So,how can I understand which ROM to download for my device???
    thanks dude...for all your advice...

    IM NOW USING AN 8GB SDHC SD STORAGE CARD...(for my new gene with sumits vanillamanilla 3.1.1rom FOR NEW GENE)

    thanks alot :)
    i got tri color again after following your instructions.bye the way mine is new gene and thanks for your quick reply..so all of you care your junior memeber....thanks a lot....
    hey how did u flash rom using sd card.plz explain in detail last steps after formatting and msg 'press power button to download' what to do then.i got bootloader mode with tri color....plz help me..i have 1gb card.
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