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    Post MIUI Global stable ROM with November Security patch

    Hi Just now got stable update android pie in India Chennai
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    Thread Just now got android P update

    Hi Guys for your info just now got Official stable android pie update at India Chennai V10.3.1.0PEIMIXM
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    Thread Jio working on Intex AquaFish

    Hi i got the Intex Aquafish with sailfish OS and have successfully used the Jio Sim data only the process is as given below 1.Download jiovoice apk via the internet u wont get it on the android store via the phone install is as you would any other APK on the phone 2. change the APN setting to...
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    Post Frequently Asked Question - SFE devices

    how to use own piks for home/lock screen hi guys i just got a Intex aqua fish this is a phone in India which comes with sailfish OS i want to set my own piks as home screen / lock screen is this possible if so how pls thanks in advance details on this phone link ...
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    Post ur sugestion just got this X509

    hi mee too buddy mine is also around a month old no problem as of now Keeping my fingers crossed :good::laugh:
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    Post ur sugestion just got this X509

    hi thanks out of the 100 views at least u replied any way i have had this for around a month i do more calls around 20+ a day and very minimum wifi use no usage of mobile date as of now things seem to be fine getting good battery back up too hope this phone survives for at least a yr fingers...
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    Thread RIP OPX looks LIKE Mfg stopped

    hi see below link looks like OP has stopped manufacturing the OPX so RIP :crying::crying:
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    Post Too many prices, same phone?

    hi i would suggest that you look around the OPX is good i have it and have been using it just basic use and no problem but today we have many phones costing less than this one and with better specs and bigger screen and they are not realy concentrating on this phone dought if we will get any...
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    Thread ur sugestion just got this X509

    hi i just got my le1s 509 a week back and having read many negative feedback on this phone on the official site im kind a getting scared i dont have any problem as of now but is this phone so bad with so many problems.Hope it stays alive for at least a year any one using this phone for a long...
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    Post [TOOL][OPX] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    hi i have edited my post and given full details on what i did so others can also try if they want may be u can add to ur 1st post for the info others thanks again buddy ur tool made it so easy :laugh::good:
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    Post [TOOL][OPX] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    hi yes i can confirm that this tool worked on OPX i have locked my boot and got back to stock recovery with this tool:laugh::good: thanks again OP u have made it so easy just a few clicks :good::good::laugh: for the others this is what i did 1. Downloaded and flash back stock firmware via...
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    Post Bootloop; with no TWRP and not able to access volumedown+power menu

    hi why not just give it to service they may or may not charge u but it is the best way to retrieve ur phone :D
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    Post [TOOL] SKIPSOFT ANDROID TOOLKIT - ONEPLUS X - Drivers, Unlock, Flash Stock, Root

    hi i have already rooted and flashed twrp on my OPX can ur tool get Me back to stock recovery and locked my boot loader ie can i do this 1. flash back full stock rom via twrp - i have already done this so now im on stock firmware 2. use ur tool to relock my boot and get back stock recovery...
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    Post [TOOL][OPX] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    hi can u kindly confirm it i can do the above thanks in advance :good::laugh:
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    Post [OPX][OXYGEN OS] | Stuck into recovery mode after OTA update

    hi 1st are u on stock recovery or twrp download the full rom place it on the root of ur sd or internal storage NOT in any folder do a full wipe and flash the rom u should be ok good luck