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Recent content by Hari Raveendaran

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    Post [guidelines] enable rcs on nokia 7 plus [any carrier]

    Not working in india It is showing it is currently unavailable for the device ... But the feature is working in my Asus Zenfone max pro m1 I have this issue only in my Nokia 7 plus
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    Thread use volte in Samsung s7 edge dubai with indian sim

    I've a s7 edge bought in Dubai I want to use it in India with my Jio sim but the phone doesn't support volte how to get the feature
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    Thread how to get google call screen feature on nokia 7 plus running android pie

    hi i want to know weather i can get google's call screen feature on my nokia 7 plus running android pie,without root or unlocking boot loader
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    Thread google pixel slate camera on windows laptop

    Can we get Google pixel slate's Google camera app with hdr+ and portrait on any laptops running windows??
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    Post Nokia 7 plus google camera HDR+ ZSL

    Sorry for deviating from the topic I want to know weather Nokia 7 plus support dual 4g and volte after Android pie stable update version 3.22C??
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    Post Nokia 7 plus google camera HDR+ ZSL

    https://www.xda-developers.com/google-camera-pixel-3-apk-download/ Will this work on Nokia 7 plus or any gcam mod for version 6.1
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    Thread can we add google now page on poco launcher

    Poco launcher is amazing but if there is Google now page it is the best launcher according to me .Is there any way to add Google now page in the launcher ...
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    Thread can we make a x86 based asus Zenfone 2 to a Android tv box

    Asus Zenfone 2 is based on Intel z3560 atom processor can this phone be converted to a Android TV box or fire TV stick.
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    Thread visualising phone touch sensor

    how to view the capacitance variation of the touch sensor of the android phone is there any app to view that? https://hackaday.com/2016/08/18/capacitive-imaging-with-a-raspberry-pi-touch-screen/ I want a similar thing in the above link for my android phone
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    Post Nokia 7 plus google camera HDR+ ZSL

    I updated my phone to June security patch and the pixel3mod Google camera app stopped working .Help me with a working Google camera app for Nokia 7 plus
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    Post will nokia 7plus get arcore support??

    https://www.xda-developers.com/arcore-oneplus-5t-xiaomi -mi-8-honor-10/ Finally Nokia 7 plus is going to recieve arcore support with arcore 1.3
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    Thread will nokia 7plus get arcore support??

    Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 8 are officially arcore supported devices that Nokia 7 and 7 plus being placed at a higher specifications than Nokia 6.1 why Nokia didn't extend arcore support for this device.....
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    Post Nokia 7 plus google camera HDR+ ZSL

    Can we directly install gcam APK in Nokia 7 plus or we have to enable camera2api to get access of it if so how to enable camera2api
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    Post Nokia 7 plus google camera HDR+ ZSL

    Thanks .. for the review of google camera on Nokia 7 plus
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    Post Nokia 7 plus google camera HDR+ ZSL

    No if gcam works well I'll consider buying the phone it is not yet released in India