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    Post [MAX KERNEL][W150][NWS2.170620.003][ROOTED]

    The watch would act fine for a while, then get extremely laggy. The time interval was not consistent. 5 minutes, 5 hours... can't really say 5 days. Was much more of a problem with my Urbane than the R. I have several Urbanes, in various states of "beat the crap out of", but only one R. The...
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] Vanced

    I'm rooted with SuperSU 2.82. The installer does not work for me. Where are the instructions for manual installation?
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    Post [MAX KERNEL][W150][NWS2.170620.003][ROOTED]

    I was fighting 2 battles at the time: 1) Poor battery performance 2) Laggy operation The battery issue was resolved with a new battery. Afterwards, I learned there is a component on the battery that can be jumpered that solves the problem just as effectively. My biggest issue is that there is...
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    Post [MAX KERNEL][W150][NWS2.170620.003][ROOTED]

    The link is dead. Does anyone have? EDIT: It looks like I may have found it (or an early version of it) here:
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    Post Watch Urbane (1st Gen) not turning on outside the charging cradle.

    Google searches indicate this to be a common issue with these watches. The common solution is battery replacement. However, in my experience, the battery doesn't actually have to be replaced. There is some sort of varistor on the charge controller of the battery. It can be seen at 2:10 of this...
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    Post "Red dots" on screen

    Welcome to the charm of 1st generation P-OLED display. Other than replacing the screen, I know of no fix for this. And, in my experience, the dots will continue to grow. I started out with 2 tiny dots either side of the "1". Two years later, From "12" to "2" was pretty much wiped out...
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    Post LG Watch Urbane not staying on while off the cradle

    A further note: You don't actually have to replace the battery. There is some sort of varistor on the charge controller of the battery. It can be seen at 2:10 of this Youtube Video. General instructions have you remove the SMD, and replace it with a 0 ohm resistor or a "blob" of solder. I've...
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    Post Complication recommendations? Combined phone&watch battery level?

    I did what you're asking in Watchmaker once. Actually twice. In the first iteration I had one round 360 scale (sub-face) with a red hand for the phone, and a white hand for the watch. Each hand went clockwise from the 12 o'clock position (100%) back to the 12 o'clock (0%). 6 o'clock was 50%...
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    Post At&t hotspot. Any way around it?

    Who knows.... Honestly, it could go either way. This bypasses the handset seeking approval from the mother-ship to allow you to tether. So, usage is probably un-monitored, and therefor un-metered. However, I received a nasty-gram (by way of SMS) from my provider reminding me that hotspotting...
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    Post [ZIP + SCRIPT] Ultimate Adblock Hosts (Updated 03.04.2018)

    TLS Certificate Errors I get multiple TLS Certificate Validation errors. This appears to cause download failure for some lists, but not all. Researching the error produces multiple methods of updating the CA store (none of which work on my phone), and the suggestion of running WGET with...
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    Post H96 Max RK3399 firmware etc

    Rocketchip released their Android 9 SDK for RK3126C, RK3326, RK3368H, RK3288 and RK3399 SoCs October of 2019. While I have seen Pie on RK3318 boxes, I have yet to see a build for the RK3399. Has anyone else seen Pie on a RK3399 powered Android TV?
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    Post Lg V20 H910 (up to 20h) (root, twrp, and more!) Noob guide!

    W O W . . . What a way to rip-off runningnak3d's guide. I mean, I can understand rewriting it... I did the same. But, just to parse it out for me to follow better. But your statement "...there was no root guides available..." is just BS. Below is my guide... for me to do the process...
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    Post A very simple way to modify IMEI/WIFI/BT MAC Address

    Just to drag this thread back up out of the gutter... I recently flashed misc, modem, modemst1, & modemst2 from one phone to another. IMEI still showed "0" (not null)... but, the MID Setting section showed up in Auto MID. It was the first time I had ever seen "Write MID" on the H910. Service...
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    Post At&t hotspot. Any way around it?

    A Simple Solution - NO ROOT REQUIRED Go to Play Store and find "Settings Database Editor" by 4A (app id=by4a.setedit22). The icon for the app (both on Play Store and in Android) is a blue "Settings" gear on a red field. Install and run. Navigate down in System Table, and find...
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    Post Negarding loss of Data during Calls

    My phone does the same. Mine is rooted, and does this with 10q, 10r 10u, or 10v ROMs. However, my wife's bone-stock, unrooted V20 running 10p will do VoLTE - which keeps the data going.