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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies for Hercules][TeamChopsticks]

    Had a problem where the update got stuck and would just sit there sucking up data for some reason. The update download could not be cancelled in the normal way and nothing I did helped. I tried flashing a different nightly, restarting, etc. When I cleared out the Cache ROM would no longer boot.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][CyanogenMod 10][TeamChopsticks][Alpha 3 - 8/17]

    So, does that mean that this CM ROM is DOA?
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    Post [ROM][JB:CM10:HYBRID][OFFICIAL]ParanoidAndroid 2.55 for T989[18 Nov 2012]

    BT Anyone have problems making calls while on BT?
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.1.1][Unofficial CM10] T989Kang - Aug 26, 2012 Beta/How to build

    Link mayhap? Searching isn't yielding what I think. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
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    Post [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID T989 UNOFFICIAL PORT [cm9/tablet hybrid] [07/04]

    flashlight issues + cal widget issues Two odd issues: 1. Flashlight works for a few moments and then it turns off and I get an error that says "error initializing camera hardware". 2. Every reboot my Calendar widget is replaced by a random app shortcut on the default home screen.
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    Post What are some great apps that nobody has heard of?

    Wave Launcher - Sweet utility to let you quickly launch apps when you don't want to see them on your screen (launch folders also) I Love Color - color pallets and also lets you use them as wallpaper Key Ring - keeps a digital version of all those super market cards RateBeer - Learn about and...
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    Post [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID T989 UNOFFICIAL PORT [cm9/tablet hybrid] [07/04]

    Bluetooth Anyone still having connect/disconnect issues with their BT like on the stock ROM? Was hoping that issue would be gone in this one. Also, in case anyone is wondering the new Google Now seems to work pretty darn good here.
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    Post [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID T989 UNOFFICIAL PORT [cm9/tablet hybrid] [07/04]

    Bricked? Well, followed directions to the tee. Have done wipes and flashes about a hundred times so no noob at that. My problem is when the system reboots I get a flash of the Samsung logo and then my screen goes black. Nothing. Edit: Was able to get back into recovery after a few tries, so...
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    Post [APP] Samsung Galaxy S II Toolkit Beta V2.4 *ICS ROOT READY!!!*

    Yep sure am. At first I did the repair, then the restart. Then I tried running as admin and that didn't work. Then I tried the right click > options > run as admin thing, but still no dice. added as an exception to my AV, didn't work. Disabled my AV, didn't work either. For some reason my...
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    Post [APP] Samsung Galaxy S II Toolkit Beta V2.4 *ICS ROOT READY!!!*

    Won't Start So I have run the install, even ran a repair and the program simply will not start. It does nothing. very odd. Looks awesome though! I am running a vista 64 machine.
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    Thread I want to like it, I really do. BUT...

    The design of this thing is awesome. Pair it with those monster 14 pound EACH speakers and man, that's drool worthy. However, this device is kinda confusing to me. Is it a dumbed down receiver? Is it a dumbed down Google TV device? I can play vids from YouTube and and Google Play and music and...
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    Sweet, I guess I can get started with icons and that and wait to see the framework for the rest and maybe a few standard apps. Oh, saw your themeing vids, funny **** man!
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    Think I might convert one of my iPad themes over after you get your ROM finished. Any idea yet on what launcher you are going to use on this one?