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    Thread Question Install ROMs without LMSA

    Anyone know how to install ROM (Stock, PURE Edition) without Rescue and Smart Assistant LMSA: Lenovo's Motorola Smart Assistant (PC) ? It isn't working for me. Apparantly using fastboot/adb isn't the same as most phones? Any help would be appreciated
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    Post Question Updating issue

    Thats is what giving me those messages in the pics. I am in fastboot mode, bootloader mode doesn't really do anything at
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    Thread Question Updating issue

    Trying to update via LMSA, but getting nowhere. Is technically a Edge S (Chinese), updated to a G100 Europe. Keep getting error messages while using LMSA (see pics). , can't figure out how to do this manually. Suggestions and help would be appreciated
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    Post Development [ROM][CUSTOM] - = 100% PURE EDITION = -

    Any plans to update this ROM with the recent images released from Moto?
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    Thread Question Riru

    Any work around for this? See pic. I do realize it's early days
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    Post Question Can someone upload the G100 global ROM, please?

    Which rom version?? Any instructions step by step? Can get past bootloader unlock due to OEM Unlock being greyed out. Any thoughts on that?
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    Post [ROM][A11-Final Release] XTENDED XR-VX.r [Oneplus 5 & 5T][ 8 Oct 2021 ]

    What the recommended Magisk? Latest canary caused me bootlooops
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    Post [RECOVERY] [OFFICIAL] [Decrypts Android 11] OrangeFox Recovery for OnePlus 5T

    anyone having troubing with booting after installing ROMs? Often, more often then not, it just stays on the OnePlus boot screen. Happens often with crDroid lastest, and Xtended lastest. Even after doing a format, tansfering files and starting from scratch. probably 75% of the time just stays on...
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    Post [ROM][11.0][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid Android 7.10 [22 SEP 2021]

    And I just installed the same magisk version as you. And this is what I mean by "stuck". Just stay there. Doesn't complete the boot
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    Post [ROM][11.0][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid Android 7.10 [22 SEP 2021]

    question - re magisk - when you download via Maanger, you use to just be able to install via manader. I can't seem to figure that out now, now where the zip gets downloaded too. Could you help me out with that? actually, it is 100% a Magisk issue
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    Post [ROM][11.0][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid Android 7.10 [22 SEP 2021]

    me either. just stuck on book screen. Seems to be a Magisk issues cause when i did everything without magisk all went well. What version are people using to successfully root?
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    Post [ROM][11.0][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid Android 7.10 [22 SEP 2021]

    anyone else out there having issues when rooting and/or just using this ROM? I'm finding ii often gets stuck on the boot screen
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    Post [ROM][11.0][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid Android 7.10 [22 SEP 2021]

    I was having the same issue. I found that i had to wipe completely for a fresh install, and the install using Flame gapps. Note that there is no pixel launcher in their "full" version, but it is available as an addon via Flame soundforge page if you look for it. Haven't tried rooting yet, so...
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    Post [RECOVERY] [OFFICIAL] [Decrypts Android 11] OrangeFox Recovery for OnePlus 5T

    So any issues flashing this? Bit nervous to as I've found a fair amount of recoveries don't let me reboot and I get stuck on a black screen, with just a blue led notification. Would just like to know anyone's experience so far.