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  • I am on the screen to apply the update from powering up while holding the home button. The Screen says E: cant open ?cache?recovery/command
    when i select apply sdcard update. it goes
    nstall from sdcard...
    finding update package...
    opening update package...
    verifying update package...
    E: no signature (5 files)
    E: verification failed
    Installation aborted.
    Hi haykuro!

    ive been searching all day in the forums lookin for the best solution to root my htc dream.

    Model: HTC dream
    Build # : 1.89.631.1 146733. CL#94714

    Drea, PVT 32B shop s-on D
    hboot: 1.33.0010

    Those are my phones stats.

    I downloaded the rogers_root_unzip me file and extracted the files onto my SD card. I dont beleive i formated to FAT32 as im not too sure what that means. I tried booting up but the update failed.

    I am currently unable to change my SPL to 1.33.2005 as the forums have suggested. Is there anyway you can help me root my HTC DREAM?


    You can contact me via xda or @ [email protected]
    are u willing to participate in an investigation of android forensics and artifact analysis techniques
    Just wanted to ask if you will be interested in providing some information to help with a project on android forensics and artifact investigation techniques.
    I am currently on a forensics course in uni and i have realised that there is so little information available on forensics on the android platform. I believe the tools are there; like amon ra recovery incorporating nandroid. but it has not thoroughly being investigated. I want to investigate this and i know i cannot do it without the community. If you are interested in your brain being picked once in a while from now till january 2011 then can you please reply with a PM.
    your help will be really appreciated and credit will be duely given to you upon completing the project..
    Hi Haykuro.
    I have bricked my phone by your SPL while Radio was updated.
    Now Please help me to get fix my phone.
    Thanks for all your effort and time, it's engineers like yourself that make the open source community so much fun!

    can you help me? i have rogers HTC dream and i am stuck with stock spl (which doesent accept any NBH file as this is not T-MOB G1 but rogers HTC dream)..please...please...please....please....please...please...please...please...please...please...please...thanks in advance
    Hi haykuro! Hi think you were the one who manage to extract the HTC_ime from the hero Rom. The hero keyboard is just amazing. The problem that I face as many many users is that I write in French and German and text prediction is only available in English. Would you be able to provide the hero keyboard with more prediction languages? Many thanks!
    Hey man I'm a supporter and a follower now that I found out what happened and I agree with you"Phuck those leakers!" Anyways...lots of people could really use your help with their Hero builds and all. BTW...any luck with the BT on your build? Hit me up some time brother!
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