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Recent content by HD2Owner

  1. HD2Owner

    Post [ROM][Signature Spoofing]LineageOS 18.1 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    ah, i see. so it is a bug indeed. Ivan_Meler can you please add it to the "not working" -list until it is solved. thank you.
  2. HD2Owner

    Post [ROM][Signature Spoofing]LineageOS 18.1 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    hehe my current device is a rog phone 2. when it is searching for devices, click on settings and enable wireless screen sharing to see wifi direct devices too. but i guess you won't see any just like me.. :eek::D
  3. HD2Owner

    Post [ROM][Signature Spoofing]LineageOS 18.1 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    it does not recognize my samsung tv and neither my neighbours tv that shows usually. i am trying to use wifi-direct. are you also using wifi-direct or is your tv connected to your local network?
  4. HD2Owner

    Post [ROM][Signature Spoofing]LineageOS 18.1 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    does screen mirroring work for someone? it does not recognize any devices for me..
  5. HD2Owner

    Post [OFFICIAL] [TWRP] [SM-G9650] star2qlte/chn

    your guide is not present in s9+ guide forum only in s9 guide forum. please let a mod duplicate it in the s9+ guide section since it also belongs there. i would have never seen it without you mentioning it. thanks alot. could you please make a small batch tool for upcoming pie bootimages so...
  6. HD2Owner

    Post [OFFICIAL] [TWRP] [SM-G9650] star2qlte/chn

    to fix our rmm prenormal state: https://youtu.be/o0T-CR-KpfM there is a problem with g9650 pie rom and magisk. see here: https://twitter.com/HD2Owner/status/1096401115518828545 no reply yet.
  7. HD2Owner

    Post Android Pie released for G9600 and G9650 variants.

    all variants for g9650 on samfirm are the identical so far. i downloaded zto and peo versions. coo and mxo should also be the same. also having a hongkong tgy variant here wondering where the hell that firmware is...
  8. HD2Owner

    Post Nokia 8 updates

    there you go: https://android.googleapis.com/packages/ota-api/nokia_nb1_ta100400ww/59bd9a533025ca61629b32eb85fd6e410705c1dc.zip this is final pie 5.110 with december patch (ta-1004). used this to go there straight from 4.88B.
  9. HD2Owner

    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    Arnova8G2 regarding sm-g9650: is it possible to add the logic to switch between f1.5 and f2.4 aperture on primary sensor and to switch between primary and secondary tele-optics/sensor? IDan1109 implemented the aperture switch in his versions already. maybe you can discuss with him to exchange...
  10. HD2Owner

    Post Can only boot into recovery and bootloader after a magisk update

    Sparklapse stock roms are available on asus support homepage. see here: https://www.asus.com/us/Phone/ZenFone-AR-ZS571KL/HelpDesk_BIOS/ latest version is: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/ZenFone/ZS571KL/UL-ASUS_A002-WW-14.1600.1805.51-user.zip
  11. HD2Owner

    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    Arnova8G2 SM-G9650 here (gs9+ snapdragon; hong-kong; bootloader unlocked). i attached camera2info.txt the camera properties in camera2info have alot of differences compared to the exynos-version. also on the snapdragon variant, the sony imx345 sensor is used while on the exynos-variant, they use...
  12. HD2Owner

    Post S9/S9+ Android Pie Discussion (Formerly Alpha/Beta)

    can someone please upload and post a twrp backup of the latest beta after applying ota but before first boot? preferrably containing all relevant partitions like boot.img etc. too. thanks.