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  • yes. i did that and now i can connect to it using my mobiler via PC however I am still unable to use the touch screen correctly. It still needs to be calibrated. :( and when i launch the screen alignment, it goes in loop again. :(
    take a 1 gb storage card format it with fat 32.On that storage card make a new text file and just rename it to welcome.not. put it back in the sd slot and reboot the phone, it will byepass the alignement screen
    I do need some urgent help here with my ASUS p835. My screen alignment went out of sync and my touch screen is spoilt and thus internal screen alignment program just goes in a loop. Can someone go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/HARDWARE/DEVICEMAP/TOUCH and tell me what is the settings for the string CalibrationData . And if possible too, what type is it : DWORD/String/Binary?
    It should be some numbers in this format : 2013,2038 3468,3555 3314,668 573,415 696,3486 .
    I need the data urgently as I cannot use the touch screen without the data.
    Your help is very much appreciated!
    Hey bro, can you please extract the ultra modern Garmin Version on the N20 and upload it, the current XT version is very crappy.
    Hi. I have Asus P835 Mobile. I would like to flash my exisiting WM 6.1 ROM to WM 6.5. Please help me how to unlock and successfully flash the ROM.
    Hi Dear...
    I have flashed your 6.5 ROM on my Asus p320. but now my IMEI is chages to 0044 series which is invalid. so my phone is not reading network as its being banned.
    Asus also not in a position to restore original IMEI.
    Pls help me to restore back original IMEI.
    Hi Harshal

    Can you help me with 6.5 rom for ASUS P835? I want the rom in .abi format because I am unable to flash via cable. However I can flash from SDCard if I can get .abi format.

    thanks in advance.
    Hi hdubli,

    I am using asus m20, and I try to build my kitchen, I needed the romhdr.bin of this model, but I can't extract it, or can you suggest any kitchen of this model for me? Thanks
    hey bro !!
    i got this imate jasjar 2 years back and i love my uni allot.
    need a help from you bro...i am new to all these hav been goin through 100z of threads everyday bt not gettin my answers i hope you would help me out..!!
    actually my jasjar suddenly started behavin weird it switched off by itself n wen i switched it back on after the windows mobile screen shows up my jasjar gets a dead blue screen n nothin happens.
    tried to connect with active sync 4.0 and 4.1 bt it would not respond and show dat the phone is not connected.
    i came across a thread in which a guy said to press bright light button + power button+softreset it sent my phone to a usb mode
    then i used mtty tool and its command task 28 to check if my jasjar is wasted or still breathin lucky enough it dint give a formatfaliure msg and there were some steps i followed .
    everything went as told n now m stuck on where to get official wm5 for jasjar and how to get out of the usb screen and how to flash the rom...??
    please help
    which model? romhdr.bin is needed for bepe kitchen..if you wasn't to work on acer or asus, you need to use osnbtool..search forum for more details
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