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    Post Question worth the upgrade?

    Not worth the upgrade besides the camera. It is heavier and thicker. It is more like a downgrade if anything. No microsd, smaller display, same battery. Will wait for next year's
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    Thread Samsung might start putting ads into One UI

    You think this will happen? because those days will be the final days for Samsung.
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    Post Loose Camera Components?

    why are you typing like if you were actually speaking to him in person? "not trying to laugh" "deep breath" seriously lol
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    Post Not a bad phone but not great either.

    Stop living in the past and start keeping up with the program. Changes is always good.
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    Post ✦ —• Post your S20/S20+/S20U home screens • — ✦

    it is the red+ widgets for kwgt and redline icons pack
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    Post Green tint on dark background low brightness

    3/20 as in 3/2020. but to be more precise, it is March 12