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Recent content by hengsheng120

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    Post Great NEWS, cm11 for first is coming

    It's on my adfree blacklist so I would say no
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    Post [Q] [Discussion] Android lollipop on S2 I9100 and I9100G

    hope for i9100G Galaxy Nexus just got AOSP lollipop, so there's hope for i9100G which uses the same soc
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    Post [Q] HTC First on t-mobile data issue

    You need to add the t mobile apn manually in the settings
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    Post Great NEWS, cm11 for first is coming

    This is excellent news! Great Job! Keeping the HTC First has finally paid off
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    Post HTC First Miuiv5 UnOfficial 4.6.17(MiuiTime 4.6.13)又一次见证

    You ported MIUI? Wow that means you can do cyanogenmod for us?
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    https://mega.co.nz/#F!YsgXgQKR!YdDrM-U0PzdRG3Y64CM9tQ Here is the kernel fix in the folder, I didn't test the rom yet
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    here is the original rom first posted, it may not work without alteration https://mega.co.nz/#!ctIDwKDQ!ygiPGRNCVwQCUvqBK46Ntk37Ym7bMIFa-yc8KE8Jdbs
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    Post [Q] A way to activate stock USB & Wifi tethering?

    There is another easy way to describe this, you can add the hidden "Entitlement" APN of your mobile service provider (which matches your current apn), so the system can allow you to use the hotspot: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=52522258&postcount=13...
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    Post WiFi tethering?

    That's not working for me maybe because I only used moonshine? I scoured the interwebs and found these solutions... These ways will work for people who can't still can't get their hotspot working: Stock roms seem to whitelist the apns that can use their tether, so either 1. Insert entitled...
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    can I make a mirror and upload to western file sharing server so people can download faster? Also can you make MD5 hash so people can verify that they finished downloading properly? [Edit] I noticed there is password protecting zip file, can't this cause problems?
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    Post Is there potential for a HTC One Mini KitKat port?

    you need to find someone to do it, Try asking Facebook or HTC support for an official update instead, it'll make porting a lot easier
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    Post [HOW TO] Enable Navigation/Softkey bar

    you need to write script (i don't the commands) to enable it after qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 Auto Hide Soft Keys 's Spoof Soft Keys option can enable it via hack, so there is a way to activate it on boot when it doesn't show
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    Post Kit Kat Tips Tricks and Bugs

    where is kitkat rom?
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    Post Shattered screen htc first

    you should use a screen protector and case no matter how cheap the phone is, as long as it has glass it can be shattered or scratched by a bit of sand
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    Post [APP][PORT] Browser from Nokia X (NO ROOT)

    It's not working on my htc first 4.1.2 stock