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  • nice post on the TouchFlo 3d, i have the Htc Fuze unlocked for tmobile and cant find the 3d, it has the touchflo but the 3d 1, i download the one you posted, but where i put the folders??
    Hey... i just would like to say this work is amazing :)...i wish i didint have to post this question here... but i cannot find a forum for it ...(i posted a thread but noone replied with an answer) After installing everything when i try to open my sprint tv Opera opens and goes to some website... that is not how sprint tv is normaly run...so i deleted opera.....no i cannot open sprint tv at all... it doesnt load or anything.. i was wondering is there a fix to this? (i love sprint tv).....sorry if i posted this in the wrong way....please help me :)
    I was trying to install the new rom but i can't install all the files because my device memory is full. What should i do? I reinstalled my windows and try to install the rom again but still can't put all the files. How to delete programs from windows and which one i have to delete and how. Pls help me
    Ok I like the new clock and theme, but if I wanted to go back to factory settings, do I just uninstall from my phone?

    First, thank you for all your contributions!

    I have a question on the flip-clock theme - I installed V7b1 version (non-manila upgrade) on my fuze. it worked fine exept that the fonts in the people tab are black and can't be legibly seen easily. I initially installed your people tab hotfix but it generated a 1.5 second lag when switching to it. I eventually uninstalled it and that improved response time but the fonts are now black....do you have any advise?

    is it intended to be made for htc touch pro? well people with touch pro is eagerly waiting for a HD manila with landcape support. well it might be more complicated to make than i thikn but isn't it just to add the lanscape manila files to the hd manila?.. well i might be wrong.. but good luck in making it.. we've all seen how fast the hd manila that is out on this forum for diamond is and it would be perfect to cook it into a rom. well badly for touch pro is that the landscape mode doesn't work.. well the portrait mode tf3d is 3-4 times faster than the stock tf3d. well to make it even faster you might want to try http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=2798454&postcount=6 cfc gui compression method by chainfire.. well not sure if it would work on a custom made tf3d with custom manila files but it might well the method osunds relevant..
    hope to see a tf3d hd for htc touch pro in future ;)
    i am working on hd version. i have hd loading without mortscript now. it loads just like standard manila but it includes 5 day forcast in weather and stocks tab like hd. the only issue i have right now is stock tab not working correctly....other than that it works. oh yeah it doesn't work in landscape either....not yet at least.
    Hey i've heard rumours that you were working on a tf3d HD manila for Raphael so it would be compitable in landscape.. is this true?.. could you confirm or deconfirm the rumour i've heard?
    all donations for me goes to xda. i do all of this work for the community and not for just me.
    Hi Herg,
    I love the flip-clock theme. I would like to donate. The link on your post is to donate to xda-developers, is that where I should donate to or can I donate to you directly?
    Hey hey. I found your post about manila. I just recived my Omnia and i saw this manila sotware. And I'm not a expert on mobiles, but I liked the layout. And who do I make it work on my phone? I know I could search through the posts. But it is so much information, its so confusing.. Christian
    1st of all thankyou for ur superior work :) (Y)
    i would ask u cause am almost totally lost
    i do not know where to start or end in this manila 2d thread :S
    i need the lastest version what is its link. ( assume that i did not download previous versions) and what time will the final release be ready ?

    thank u :)
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