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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    Confused, is Google Pay finally working with MagiskHide as of today?
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    Post [OFFICIAL XDA] Navigation Gestures - Get iPhone X/OnePlus style gesture control

    For some reason my nav bar doesn't seem to hide, the whole navbar is still there. Any way to fix this? Using Note 8 on Oreo.
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    Post [FONTS] Wings Samsung Fonts v2.0d (1900+) *NON-ROOT*

    Been waiting for something like this for so long! I can find SF Pro Text Multi but can't seem to find SF Pro Display Multi-weight, the only variant of SF Pro Display would be the YosemiteSanFrancisco or YosemiteSanFranciscoDisplay but there's no multi weight option for that. Can anyone confirm...
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    Post [APP][7.0+] Custom Navigation Bar - Customize your own navigation bar

    Can confirm this worked for me, thanks!
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    Post [APP][7.0+] Custom Navigation Bar - Customize your own navigation bar

    Can't seem to revert back to the stock Samsung layout after uninstalling the app. The buttons remain compact together but I want them to be spaced out like stock Samsung. I've tried changing the button layout in settings and it seems to do the job but after rebooting it goes back to the compact...
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    Post OFFICIAL STOCK Firmware-update (Odin) thread Samsung GALAXY S7Edge SM-G935F

    I have found a firmware with my CSC (SIN), but the firmware is from March, PDA XXU1APB6, will I be fine if I use the HOME_CSC file from this firmware and pair it with the BL AP and CP files from XXU1BPJK (the latest one from 2nd post)? There is a considerable size difference between the old CSC...
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    Post OFFICIAL STOCK Firmware-update (Odin) thread Samsung GALAXY S7Edge SM-G935F

    Hi, I'm new to this so... Is it possible to flash latest firmware (November security patch) without losing my current CSC? I'm unable to find any firmware anywhere with my current CSC (SIN, which I know is under multi CSC THL, which I also cannot find). So how should I go about doing this?
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    Post [Recovery][Exynos] Official TWRP for the Galaxy Note 7 (gracelte)

    Just quick confirmation... If I just want root and a bootable system, do I have to flash the Samsung Anti-root protection removal zip, or should I just flash SuperSU 2.78?
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    Post GALAXY Note 7 Singapore Thread (SM-N930FD Exynos Version)

    Are we likely to see the Blue Coral colour come to SG? Waiting to recontract on Singtel to the Note7 but with all these problems...
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    Post [Q] Will you buy it?

    If my telco offers this phone, then I think it's almost a no-brainer for me. Currently looking at the S7 Edge, but this specs-to-price ratio simply beats the Edge feature (and maybe the slightly better camera?) of the S7 Edge. A little reminiscent of the LG G3 (current phone) too with that...
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    Post [ROM] 13/12 | Fulmics ROM 8.0 ◦ v30N ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ MM 6.0 ◦ All variants

    Data not working, which modem should I flash? On D855 32GB, is the modem from 30b by autoprime ok?
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    Post [Q&A/T]CloudyG3 2.5 -=- [All Variants]

    To install xposed do I just flash the in recovery then install the apk or do I have to remove LG Weather app too? I have selected the xposed support in aroma. Also, is anyone getting random Play Store FCs? I'm getting some FCs here. (D855)
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    Post [Q&A/T]CloudyG3 2.5 -=- [All Variants]

    Any mirrors to the xda download link? I'm getting very slow download speeds.
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    Post [Q&A] 【ROM】【Unofficial】【4.4.2】MIUI6 FOR LG

    Do I need to install GApps or does it come with it?
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    Post [Q&A] 【ROM】【Unofficial】【4.4.2】MIUI6 FOR LG

    Are there any major bugs that hamper daily usage in the latest 5.6.25 ROM? I also see that the download file says F400, it does work for D855 right? I assume it is an aroma installation?