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  • i have the following problems after the new 6.5 rom:
    1. still cant send sms
    2. most of my original ring tones are corrupted.
    3. system font is very very weird, like bad weird.
    4. ringer volume is quite low now.

    plz help me out as i have no HP service centre in my city :(

    i have already tried:
    1. different sim cards of same network as mine
    2. different sim cards of different networks.
    3. soft reset.
    4. hard reset.
    5. rom upgrade from 6.1 to your 6.5
    hello Hikey, i hope u r in good health.\

    i have HP Ipaq voice messenger, i was using it with original wm6.1 standard until yesterday, in my original version, i tried to accidentally deleted all my sms messages, then i tried to restore them all from deleted items, what happened was they all got lost except for few of them, but right after that i could not send any sms, all the time i get a message: "the following error occurred while sending your message: your message was not sent".
    i tried to contact HP for the solution, i had already tried resetting my fone, HP ppl asked me to reset again and again, hard and soft, but nothing good happened.

    then i came across ur wm6.5 rom the latest one, i thought maybe if i do this my sms problem will be solved, but after installing it successfully, thanks to u for all the hard work and all the tips, the problem remained same, i still cant send sms :(
    Hello Hikey!

    can u tell me how can i use with t-mobile sim card this rom? because i installed it and its working fine, but i dont abel to use the telefon function now.

    thank in anticipation ur help.


    Sorry , i just now readed the solution, and its working.
    thanks a lot.
    Hello HiKey!
    Please help for all Russian users of this device.
    As you pointed out, were lifted OS images (part01.raw, part02.raw), a huge request to restore the original firmware of these files!
    Thank you very much in advance!


    And I have them placed on the most famous Russian site, so that such requests and then did not arise
    hi m8 your my favorite cheef kann you send my when you update rom a link i youse in moment your rom 23047 icann not found your post more in devs cann you send my your new link withe your new roms sorry for my english regrads barbaros
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