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Recent content by [email protected]

  1. HiM@L

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Android 11]ScorpionROM v4.x[Google Pixel 4 XL][Coral]

    boot image is giving me "error boot prepare". trying to do clean flash. update: looks like i need to use 04-02 boot.img and not 17-02.
  2. HiM@L

    Post [Guide] Root Pixel 3 XL Android 10.0 (Q)

    does removing -w while flashing factory image reset the phone? i thought it would reset my phone but not wipe my storage. i went from custom rom to stock and everything is there and working. My phone is not acting weird at all. is it safe to say everything will work? I just need everything to...
  3. HiM@L

    Thread need S9+ help

    Hi, I have t mobile s9+ but got it unlocked after paying in full. Now I am with at&t . My phone is stuck with Android 9 December update. How do i force Android 10 update? If i were to use ODIN, which firmware should i use: t-mobile, at&t or unlocked ? I would prefer unlocked but don't want to...
  4. HiM@L

    Thread does Google Pay work with root ?

    been using my phone as locked bootloader for a while now. thinking of rooting again but convenience of google pay is something i do not want to lose. does google pay work with unlocked bootloader? thanks.
  5. HiM@L

    Post [INFO] [DISCUSSION] Android 6.0.1_ MOB31E + Cataclysm MOD !

    this was the king of ROMs... haters were just jealous. now I am stock with locked bootloader. nothing can make me unlock my bootloader again except Cataclysm. Dreamers can only Dream. Peace.
  6. HiM@L

    Post Android Q beta 4

    I usually back up my internal storage and do whole system wipe as its Major release jump. did that from pie to beta and gonna do that from beta to Stable. this ensures no bugs
  7. HiM@L

    Post Android Q beta 4

    BofA app works.
  8. HiM@L

    Post Android Q Beta 3

    i have been in Beta 3 since it came out and had been in Pie before that. One app I use a lot is Tasker. Recently, i found out that Tasker pings every 10 min so that phone wakes up for stuffs to work (might only be Q thing, dont know). I got to know this because lockscreen showed Alarm icon for...
  9. HiM@L

    Post Android Q Beta 3

    any Tasker users here. Can you use Tasker to auto enale/disable Dark Theme according to time set.?
  10. HiM@L

    Post Android Q Beta 3

    that's how it should be. swipe up from home screen should take to app drawer... but if i swipe up and hold for few second it will go to recents
  11. HiM@L

    Post [APP][5.0+] Blokada ad blocker [open source][without root][v4]

    hi, where do you see that chrome async dns setting. in beta 3 right now ads not blocked in chrome.
  12. HiM@L

    Post [Kernel][08.07.2021][4.9.274] Kirisakura_R 3.0.9 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    Freak07 had another reboot. this time i was not able to get as soon as reboot while gaming but this is after it rebooted and i was in ternimal to enter that crash.log command and it rebooted again. this is with latest kernel. xda not letting me upload zip. so...
  13. HiM@L

    Post [Kernel][08.07.2021][4.9.274] Kirisakura_R 3.0.9 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    i cannot reproduce it. it's random. i will try to get log next time it happens. can i use syslog aop to get you log next time if it happens?