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    do you have the raw firmware link for .138 as well?
  2. Himverma

    Post [UNBRICK/RAW] Revive your bricked ASUS ROG Phone 3 [11-AUG-2021]

    Hi, I was able to install fastboot drivers and even the phone was detected in fastboot mode. But when I ran the "flash_all.bat" it threw an error saying "flashing is not allowed". Maybe I'll share the logs as well once I open my laptop. I remember facing this same issue long ago. Then, I had...
  3. Himverma

    Post [UNBRICK/RAW] Revive your bricked ASUS ROG Phone 3 [11-AUG-2021]

    [Edited] Just checked, the 'adb devices' command works when device is turned on and shows the serial number as well. But when in fastboot mode, it does not show the device
  4. Himverma

    Post [UNBRICK/RAW] Revive your bricked ASUS ROG Phone 3 [11-AUG-2021]

    Any idea about how to flash firmware using type-c port only? Laptop doesn't have older USB ports
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    Post Asus ROG Phone 3 ZS661KS | Files | Unlock | Relock | Unbrick | ROMs

    How to flash firmware using type-C only? My laptop doesn't have usb-2.0 port but only USB 3.0 & type-C ports
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    Post [UNBRICK/RAW] Revive your bricked ASUS ROG Phone 3 [11-AUG-2021]

    My laptop does not have the USB 2.0 but only type-C port. Will I still be able to flash the firmware in case of sift/hard brick?
  7. Himverma

    Post [UNBRICK/RAW] Revive your bricked ASUS ROG Phone 3 [11-AUG-2021]

    Somebody help. I'm unable to flash RAW firmware or flash EDL file on my Asus ROG-3. I've installed USB drivers and qualcomm drivers on my laptop. But it doesn't have USB 2.0. I tried flashin RAW using USB-C port as well as USB 3.0 port. But none worked. Everytime, it shows the error ...
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    Post [UNBRICK/RAW] Revive your bricked ASUS ROG Phone 3 [11-AUG-2021]

    Getting this error: C:\Users\himve\Downloads\Compressed\ROG_PHONE_3_ZS661KS_UNBRICK_EDL\.ImageE Environment variable _COM not defined FINDSTR: Cannot open .ImageE\qfile_emergency_dl.txt """""""""""""""""" "ERROR: FAILED: edl failed" """""""""""""""""" "Finished " """"""""""""""""""
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    Post Minimum brightness

    I agree with other users, the display is too bright even at lowest brightness. I need some fix that works without root.
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    Post [CLOSED] GUIDE:How to enable VOLTE/VOWIFI on TMO

    Hi there. Volte and VoWifi was enabled in first sim in Indian units. I can use Vilte (video calling) using Google phone but only in first sim. My second sim can use Volte but VoWifi and Vilte are by default disabled. Do you have any idea how may we enable it? You can see in the screenshots...
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    Post I've used the ASUS ROG Phone 3 for ~1 month, so Ask Me Anything!

    Any props edit to enable video and wifi calling on second sim??
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    Post Refresh rate problem!

    Nice. We're getting 60Hz refresh rate at brightness less than 20%
  13. Himverma

    Post Refresh rate problem!

    Is your brightness at lowest?
  14. Himverma

    Post Refresh rate problem!

    It's a software issue. Perhaps some developer would be able to find the root cause of this problem and maybe provide us with some adb commands to overwrite highest refresh rate even at lowest brightness
  15. Himverma

    Post [SOLVED]Video calling in Asus ROG Phone-3

    Yeah, I know but not everyone is using Google duo. And I don't feel like using duo when I should be able to make video calls directly using sim card