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    Thread Wifi stopped working

    Hi suddenly my WiFi stopped working now I am not able to connect to any WiFi network. Any help would be appreciated. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Post [GUIDE][VIDEO TUT]☆☆ Methods for Restoring IMEI ☆☆

    Never tried bro.. can't help ! Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
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    Post Which phone is the best: Xiaomi Mi A1 or Moto G5s PLus?

    For me I am getting 10hr + SOT on full day usage . I am amazed ! Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Moto Display

    Today morning I saw moto Display 's Color was changed into red , previously it was blue . I don't know what is these , is these any feature or something else ?
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    Post >> Best Cases/Covers that Protect Camera Bump

    I m using these one its perfect Golden Sand Back Cover Case For Moto G5 Plus (2017 5th Gen) [Color - Metallic Black]
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    Post Battery life of Moto G5+.

    With full power usage
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    Post [ROM][land][6.0.1]ResurrectionRemix-v5.7.4[OFFICIAL][2017/01/18]

    goth06 have to got working IR blaster ? Anyone ?
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    Post [ROM][land][6.0.1]ResurrectionRemix-v5.7.4[OFFICIAL][2017/01/18]

    Superb !! Thanks a ton it fixed now , great ;)
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    Post [ROM][land][6.0.1]ResurrectionRemix-v5.7.4[OFFICIAL][2017/01/18]

    How to disable fingerprint as a button it is working like that , anyone have solution ?
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    Post [ROM][land][6.0.1]ResurrectionRemix-v5.7.4[OFFICIAL][2017/01/18]

    Install WakeLock Detector and check which app is getting trigger , in my observations default calendar app was so i disabled it & using greenify that's it .And yes it was continuous usage ;)
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    Post [ROM][land][6.0.1]ResurrectionRemix-v5.7.4[OFFICIAL][2017/01/18]

    Was having battery drain so I checked in WakeLock Detector default calendar was giving 369 wakeup triggers so after disabling it today since 6:45 am I got 2hrs of SOT and now battery is at 82% . Just sharing these info so some users may be get help ;) Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]MoKee for REDMI3s/PRIME/PLUS From Team Ghost[LAND]

    Clear your lock pattern/password/pin and then while re entering make sure you check it will ask you to enter pin while booting so un check that option that's it !
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    Post [ROM][land][6.0.1]ResurrectionRemix-v5.7.4[OFFICIAL][2017/01/18]

    Nothing changed ,what I noticed that after flashing rom for the first time battery drained but after that when I fully charged it is giving nice backup as you can see, 2nd day of Rom ;)
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    Post [ROM][land][6.0.1]ResurrectionRemix-v5.7.4[OFFICIAL][2017/01/18]

    Look into these Took off the charger at 7:30 Am still left with 41% got SOT of 6hrs 28mins , i have kept it on Efficiency mode :)