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    Post [ROM][11][S9/S9+] PixelExperience Plus [AOSP/UNOFFICIAL]

    star2lte is galaxy s9+, galaxy s9 is starlte
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][11] NezukoOS for Galaxy s9 & s9+

    Any plans on updating the rom? Cheers! Really sleek and fast Rom, got it on mine s9+
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    Post [ROM][11][S9/S9+] PixelExperience Plus [AOSP/UNOFFICIAL]

    Can't sign in to my google account, can anyone help? Basically, I cant install any of the apps, everything else looks fine.
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    Post [NOBLE ROM 2.2 OneUI 4.1 FULL PORT][04/22 Patches][06/04/2022][SM-N960F/FD/N--SM-G96xF/FD/N]

    Heya all. I'm just wondering if I flash my phone with this ROM, could I be able to get it back to the official android 10? Also, my version of the phone is SM-G965F/DS (Model Code: SM-G965FZKDDBT), is that compatible with this ROM?