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Recent content by holysaint1

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    Post HTC one m8 battery

    Bro, this phone is approximately 6yrs old. Hence there might not be any good battery like the original battery you re looking for. All you can find now is a battery that can do the job of a battery and not necessarily an original battery that can hold charges for hours. I recently changed my...
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    Post ROM[OFFICIAL][m8,m8d][10.0]**crDroid**[V6.12]

    Other than the Bluetooth issue which doesn't receive request from other bluetooths, this ROM is basically the best ROM out there.
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    Post [ROM] d2att LineageOS Unofficial 14.1 WhenICanlies

    pls if this has worked for anyone other than the op, pls try identifying as this has been a regular bug with i747, and has plagued most of its users.
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    Post [ROM][d2att][6.0.1]Team OctOS Oct-M

    Glad it all worked out well for you.. Have fun with your device :)
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    Post [ROM][d2att][6.0.1]Team OctOS Oct-M

    do you have any history of such audio issue before flashing this ROM ? if no, flash back to another ROM and give your feedback. Would also love you to confirm if this audio problem comes up immediately you insert the wired headset. if yes, still flash back to another ROM and give your feedback...
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    Post [ROM][Samsung Galaxy S3][7.1.2][d2att]Team OctOS Oct-N

    Attached below is the log, taken with syslog. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Post [ROM][Samsung Galaxy S3][7.1.2][d2att]Team OctOS Oct-N

    I can't agree less. But I must say am not much of a dev, hence know lil or nothing about codes. So pls if you don't mind, i can make a log of the issue and send it over for your perusal?
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    Post [ROM][Samsung Galaxy S3][7.1.2][d2att]Team OctOS Oct-N

    By gapps packages do you mean open gapps or google play services like playstore and its likes ?? For the record, I have updated the google play services through playstore to the latest and have also done the same for playstore.. Right now am using bean gapps..
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    Post [ROM][Samsung Galaxy S3][7.1.2][d2att]Team OctOS Oct-N

    Pls how does one permanently get rid of the pop up, (gpogleplay services has stopped) ??? I have searched google and YouTube.. And cleared the cache of googleplay services.. Yet all to no avail. Please how did you get past this stage.. ?
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    Post [ROM][Samsung Galaxy S3][7.1.2][d2att]Team OctOS Oct-N

    Problem solved. Did a clean flash and everything began working as they should. By the way, which of the gapps would be best for this ROM ? Bean gapps or open gapps ?
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    Post [ROM][Samsung Galaxy S3][7.1.2][d2att]Team OctOS Oct-N

    Tentacles, navigation, buttons... There you go :) ---------- Post added at 04:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:04 AM ---------- pls does this rom need gapps for its connectivity to work.. Just installed this rom sme minutes ago(although i havent flashed gapps yet). And my...
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] SlimKat d2att (at&t) Stable 9.0

    aiite.. looking forward to your results. :good:
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][7.x][d2att] Skatter Kernel-v2 - 11/03/2017

    lonelyskatter its like the new v2 is only for nougat roms ..