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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][3.5.0][apollo]TWRP for Mi 10T/Mi 10T Pro/Redmi K30S Ultra

    Hi, the first thing is to say you're doing a good job. I installed a theme in "TWRP/theme/" But it doesn't do anything, I top it up, but it still doesn't change anything. Is the theme change not yet implemented? Best regards
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    Post [ROM KDZ] L7 - V20A_00 Jelly Bean | ROOT | CWM | Unlocked BootLoader | by Homero

    Hello everyone For misfortunes I lost the backups of most of my work, but I found the work of Kambingjantan, I hope you can help. However if anyone had a copy of this ROM, would be eternally grateful if I provided the download link. Greetings, Homero2
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    Post [Q] How to enter recovery mode on irulu tablet

    Press Volume- and Power at the same time, when loose Power and keep down the Volume- key until you see the first letters on screen.
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    Post [GUIDE] How to back out of KitKat to Jelly Bean? | Downgrade to JB LG G2

    Hello cmanju88, this is the method I use to move from KK to JB, the ROM KDZ the LG Server Disclaimer, the TOT from the link I put above. To Flash ROM version will vary depending on the phone model, for example G2 - D80x V10x = JB V20x = KK
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    Post [Q] LG G2 USB Not Recognized

    It has happened to me the same thing :crying:, and is a problem with the boot.img, if by chance your G2 version 4.4.2 and the the 4.2.2 boot.img, goodbye. The only solution is to take it to repair a service official, there will change you the card, with the consequent change of IMEI.quent change...
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    Thread [GUIDE] How to back out of KitKat to Jelly Bean? | Downgrade to JB LG G2

    Many of you will have happened to them what to me, upgraded to VDF KitKat and then realized that root could not be and without root cannot modify anything. You tried to Flash a ROM JB format KDZ and found out that you can't. Behold the solution!! Back to Jelly Bean in a LG G2 It is a bit...
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    Post Root OSX

    Look at this thread
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    Post [FIX] NO Recovery mode, No download mode, after OTA on rooted LG G2

    Hello This system only works if you disable automatic mounting of USB. But if these Ubuntu 14.04 or higher using the dconf_editor or gconf_editor commands are no longer included, but we can do until dconf_tools. The first thing you need to do is to install: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools sudo...
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    Post Ubuntu Touch On the G2

    That's great news
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    Thread [MOD] Bootanimation and Shutdownanimation for LG FullHD | from Recovery flasher

    Here you have 6 Mod flasher from recovery for LG FullHD (1088 x 1920) It bothers you or you don't like the animation of power-your phone? So here are 6 mod so you remove them or change the originals from LG that comes in versions OPEN INSTALLATION: Phone must have any of the alternative...
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    Post [UTILITY] LG-G2 Toolkit | Multi Root | Multi Flash Recovery | LINUX/MAC

    Hi oscar! A brief explanation: MAC, uses kernel Darwin, that means that it is UNIX, so it will operate like that on Linux, that is compatible with UNIX. Having that clear we can say that MAC and LINUX are supported in the use of bash script, but are not supported in the use of binary, but...
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    Post [UTILITY] LG-G2 Toolkit | Multi Root | Multi Flash Recovery | LINUX/MAC

    I apologize I have detected an error in the scrip that could cause it not to run correctly. I'm uploading the version revised and expanded, with the "restoration EFS" included
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    Post [UTILITY] LG-G2 Toolkit | Multi Root | Multi Flash Recovery | LINUX/MAC

    Hi, you have to unzip the TAR inside your personal folder, if you unzip it outside it execute permissions are lost