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  • Hi Hotweiss,

    I am coming from Enom's 1.8.1 and now using modaco's R22 desire rom. I see there is quite some difference in browser load times and I assume it is because of your radio MOD Enom is using. I tried to find it in forums but have had no luck. Could you please let me know where I can find that mod to use in my Desire ROM?

    hei. lurte på om det er betydelig forskjell på hastigheten med "cracken " i norge ? på nexus forumet ?

    (vet du hva som har skjedd med eugene373 er han i live)

    mvh Stian (bergen)
    Hi there hotweiss,

    I've been using MyHero 1.0.1 with HTC-2.6.27 kernel (based on released source) and i've been finding it the most rock solid kernel to date, at least for me, on par with roms from amon_ra's and cyanmod's, which are the only ones where i never get any force close or errors on applications. I also love the Amon_ra's rom's and kernel, but since amon_ra's rom is based on google ion, i wonder, wouldn't be best for a hofo release, based on latest HTC rom also used a HTC 2.6.27 based kernel, or amon_ra's kernel already does that?
    Btw will you consider min freq 128 and max freq 384 or 528 with scaling ondemand?

    Thank you so much for your time!
    I've never rooted a Dream, but it seems that you might have to wait some time during step 10. What recovery image are you using?

    I would ask about your problem in that thread you linked, as they will be more knowledgeable than me...
    Hey, you don't know me but I was just looking through the Rogers Android rooting forum and saw that you were online. I was hoping you would be able to quickly help me with something? Thanks.
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