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  • Hi howdykeith,
    you wrote something like this:

    Originally Posted by danusko View Post
    hi all,
    pls. i try to figured out, if is possible to do following:
    Run macro which will works on background and it will do this:
    If phone is ringing, it increase volume of ringing to higher (1 level) each 1 sec till max.

    I try to simulate increase ringing as it works on mobile phone witout WM. There is increase volume ringing not after whole song (mp3) but after time (e.g.1 sec)

    What do you think?
    I think it could be done.
    I will try adding that to my ringtone app, Mr-Tones, and see what happens. Really not very hard to do.
    was you successefully with the "increase ringing after 1 sec."?
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